5 Entrepreneurial lessons to learn from Dr Ibe Kachikwu, NNPC GMD

Did you know that ?
The man of the moment, recently appointed GMD ( General managing director) of NNPC  (Nigerian national petroleum corporation)  Dr Ibe Kachikwu, is a lawyer, a former Vice president of Exxon-Mobil and surprisingly a publisher. Yes he publishes Hints, Complete sports and Complete fashion  (Except you are not interested in romance,sports,fashion  or not living in Nigeria, that you wont have read any of this publications).
So here are lessons any entrepreneur should learn from this successful man.

1. It is always good to have multiple streams of income. He had a private business, Publishing and at the same time ,a salary earner.
2.  If you must do anything, then do it well with class . Dr Ibe has a first class degree in Law and proceeded to Harvard for further studies. Its simply a case of if you can have the best why settle for less?
3. Working two or more jobs at the same time is possible, and no crime as long as there is no conflict of interest,you can give equal dedication ,concentration and put in more than others but be careful, you don't bite  more than you can chew .
4. To succeed effectively and ensure your sources of income don't leave you frustrated, stressed or depressed , it is more expedient to choose careers you have absolute passion for , only get involved in ventures you enjoy doing and can still hold your interest years from when you started. Even when Hints was rested, Dr Ibe's love for publishing did not diminish, he only found other Nigerian's appetites  (sports and fashion) and proceeded to whet them by publishing related magazines. Also looking at his career path, he didnt completely leave the oil industry, he only moved around in it.
5. Get more training and exposure. Do not rest on your oars. The best way to succeed in a profession or business is knowing all about it , his thirst for impacting knowledge through his published magazines also made him write articles in Hints "Fatherhood with Dr Ibe",also he is a seasoned petroleum law expert.  Talk about a man of many parts.

Above all, be known by what you prefer others to know you for. Not scandals,or misguided comments, they only act as unnecessary distractions.

My question is with the advent of social media and considering the number of hours an average Nigerian youth spends online. How come  magazines still sell?

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