Ankara diy:How to wrap a notebook with Ankara fabric

To give your note book a unique look and customised feel.  Follow these simple steps. 
Diy: Ankara notebook
Diy: Ankara notebook

1. Measure the notebook, length and breadth.  For this project I used a 6"×8" notebook size. 
 Measure and cut fabric of your choice too, icing a 1" inch allowance on all sides.  Therefore the fabric is 7"×9".

2. Lay the book on the fabric. Lift up the leaves of the book and   Notch to allow the fabric fit in properly.
3. Starting from the broader side of the book. Apply Uhu gum along the edges of the book, fold the extra one inch of fabric In to cover the sides. Repeat for the other side of the book.
4. Repeat 3 for the lengthwise sides of the book, carefully fold the ends of the fabric in a vee-shape, this gives a neat finish and the fabric doesn't jut out in unnecessary places.
5. Now apply the adhesive along the four corners and inside of the adjacent first page.  Press down on the inside cover of the book.  Do this for the front and back covers. Gently use your finger tips to press and straighten out any bump or wrinkle in the book.
6. Voila, your customised ankara notebook is ready.

Materials used:

Notebook.  A hardcover is preferable.
Uhu gum
Tailor's chalk

Useful tip: For extra padding,  add a quarter inch foam before wrapping with fabric,  also beautify your notebook using a ribbon as bookmark tool or accesorize with Bows or flower patterns.
If you try this and get amazing results, do share and thank me later...

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