Birthday shoutout to Stella Dimorkokus and Olori Wendy

stella dimoko korkusstelladimokokorkus

Birthdays come once in a year, and that's one of the things that makes it special, celebrating a new age. I will love to celebrate two of my favorite Nigerian bloggers  Stella Dimoko Korkus and Olori Wendy who added one more year to the number of their numerous years to be spent on earth.
Stella is a german based blogger, she started her career with the  popular entertainment magazine Encomium where she held sway over the Nigerian gossip realm, if it is  anything done  or said under the heaven, Stella must know about it and publish it ,her prying eyes follows into the secret places, it is like she has spies everywhere,  the fear of Stella is the beginning of wisdom for many celebrities and entertainers.
Though she now runs her own personal site, her zeal is still unwavered. I got hooked on her blog through Linda Ikeji (another blogger I love), Stella's blog continuously attracts millions of readers from all over the world, Nigerians and other nationalities who mainly visit the site because of  juicy gossips like no other , saturday and sunday laughs ,richard cards, giveaways and controversial comments. Stella is different from other bloggers because you either love her or hate her, no standing on the fence, depends on the side her story falls on. Stella has a sharp tongue and an uncanny ability to always say it as she sees it, no sugar coating or embellishment needed, her stories are really breaking news and always discovered to be authentic even if proven months later. However, there have been many testimonies of  better lives , employment and singles hooking up with their future partners through so many opportunities offered on her site.

She is passionate about the underprivileged, unemployed youth, guards her privacy and children jealously , heaven help you if you say anything bad about them (Ask Jim Iyke), she abhors violence against women and child abuse, advocates gender equality and always encourages her blog readers to become better individuals ,better citizens and never to settle to less when they can be the best.

Love you Stella. Sorry this birthday post came late, Jollof rice I have not to give you , but I can definitely give my best wishes shoutout on my space.

Also Olori wendy, my friend who is fast turning to a sister also celebrated her birthday recently in far away Santa Monica Pier in Los Angeles, California, USA. Wish she had sent me a ticket, would have crossed so many oceans to be with her , envied her after I saw the beautiful and exciting times she had on the  beach ,roller coaster and several other exciting rides. She is a blogger and a movie producer too. Her new movie 'Awokoku' is already in the cinemas. Read her previous story here.
oloriwendyyewande olugbodi

August born are Stellar born, Happy Birthday darlings. I celebrate you not only today but always. Continue to rock!!!

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