Bloggers connect series: Meet Jenny Chisom of Jenny Chisom blog

Are you an entrepreneur? Or familiar with prominent Abuja bloggers? You must have come across  Jenny Chisom's blog . If you have not ,you better bookmark her blog . She has great articles on startups, entrepreneurship and Nigeria business. I remember the first time I met her at the West African bloggers conference and I can tell she is passionate about what she does. In the interview below, she shares her blogging success story. Read and Enjoy!
Jenny Chisom
Jenny Chisom

 My name is Jennifer Chisom Opara (Jenny Chisom) I started blogging in 2009, when a friend who knew how desperately I wanted to set up a website to run my company Logos Audibles, showed me a blog. He taught me how to design one and I started blogging just advertising my company services, then later started using it to promote the products (books)of most of my clients.
My greatest moments as a blogger has been recurrent, the opportunities to events, the speaking opportunities and the respect from people for the profession.
Other interests I have aside blogging is brainstorming with young people on business development and how to make money. I have a passion to see bloggers become community responsible and also I have a business interest in the content publishing industry among others.

Blogging interests:  

I blog about Nigerian CEOs and Founders as well as enterprise tips on my personal blog at and I also I publish a PR and promo blog at

Role models: 

My rolemodels in business are Mo Abudu, and Ayo Makun. I also have other role models in different areas of my life.

Best advice:

The best advice I have been given is "Draw close to God at all times, don't play religion"

Advice for Blog reader:

If you are an ardent blog reader, research for blogs that have quality content that will help your life, work or interest and also don't cuss out at other blog readers because you think you have freedom of expression.

Advice for  upcoming blogger:

Ensure you always write original content and be creative with your tone and also be consistent. Do not be money conscious to prevent being frustrated.I will always recommend blogging as a full time job only when you have started earning real living from it, outside that maintain it as a committed part time job.
Blogging resources or apps you should not do without are My internet modem, Whatsapp for Interviews, Facebook and Webmaster tools.
For more useful blogging tips,  I will recommend  sites like, and

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Nicely done and such a great read
Jenny said…
Wow...thank you. I love this and i am so grateful Christy.