BLOGGING 001: 20 Tips to become sucessful in the blogging business

What is more amazing as doing what you love and getting paid for it? Thats what blogging does for me, some may not comprehend why I have to slave several hours over the computer and Internet . But it gives me pleasure, and right now, am so addicted to blogging, its like an extension of me. Some ask which pays more, my events planning business, skill trainings or blogging. I answer" None can exist without the other" . After all, my clients are online and what better way to reach them than through my blog.
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My blogging journey has not been so easy, that's because I had to learn everything on my own, no assistance, friends who were website/online media experts couldn't help even after several pleas. Those who could, understand website design only and not blogging, so they were all trying to convince me to build a full fledged website. At a point, I was ready to pay, if only I could just get what I wanted,but all I got was nothing much to my expectation. Its probably because I started blogging out of passion for educating others, that's why I was so persistent on becoming successful in this blogging business . Some think because you are a blogger, you must be making tons of money . So you are at the mercy of media strategists trying to get their share, friends who want free adverts and readers who want free lessons ,tips but you are torn on how to balance your blog, make it viable, at least to pay for the time, efforts, money, internet data  that goes into blogging without sacrificing the initial purpose of why you ever started.

For all those whose sites, I have perused times and times again to make my blogging better, I am so grateful, I will comply a list soon. Now, I have some who ask me what blogging is all about and how can they start on make a sucess out of it. These series of online  and media tutorials , starting with this post on blogging   are to help you become a better social media entrepreneur and to make your blogging journey an easier one.
To become  a successful blogger, follow these tips: They are lessons learnt from personal experiences.

  1.  Decide on the blogging platform first, Blogger, Wordpress e.t.c. It is advisable to use Blogger for personal blogs and Wordpress for more professional blogs/websites.At a point, I was switching between blogger ( and wordpress (, several advices were given to me on why one plat form is better than the other.. With wordpress, I got the traffic, I got the comments but the platform wasnt so easy to use, one also needs a self-hosted blog for  full functionality which is more costs,  there is less flexibility, moreover, I keep forgetting my password. Recently, I sent a mail to a website designer to move my blogger posts to wordpress, I didnt get a reply on time . So I decided to explore my options, and know more about making blogger work for me . Then, I discovered the truth, blogger works for those who can take time to understand it. It is simpler, easier, already on the google platform (and google is the largest search engine, right). I just took time to navigate around the platform and get more familiarized with it. Thanks To Eya Ayambem for the helpful tips.
  2. Get your own domain name (mine is, point your blog to the domain (Dns address)  and give it a descriptive title (Typearls lifestyle). Domain names can be gotten from GoDaddy  and sites hosted by Dream host or Bluehost. Though my blog is still hosted on google.
  3. Blogging is very time consuming so make up your mind about what you want to post, the platform to use, being indecisive would cause one to procrastinate about starting.
  4. Don't over run your site with ads, pictures, videos, it slows down the site loading time, makes it look disorganised and untidy. Your blog should be kept simple and pleasing to the eye.
  5. You need to have 3 basic tools for effective blogging; Internet (for connecting online), Smart Phone ( Quick drafts, screenshots, taking pictures, editing) and Laptop (2 if possible). Save space on your tech gadgets by deleting unnecessary materials on them so as not to cause them to slow down or hang.
  6.  Ensure that you acquire adequate information  about blogging before you commence, the rules and etiquette, so you dont get sued or spend years wasting time and effort , if possible, get a Blog Mentor. Compile your posts, you don't need 10 to start, start with one quality one first and with time, you will get better.
  7. Apps like, picmonkey, blogger, wordpress, wordpad should be on your phone and/or laptop; this enhances post quality and makes editing easier .
  8. Try not to just ‘Copy and Paste’, remove all links, download all pictures and edit it well.  I discovered when you use pictures in an email, without downloading and uploading, though you can see the pictures, others wont be able to view it on your website.A Microsoft office picture manager is enough to make your images presentable before posting.
  9.  Do not waste time going through other blogs, reading gossip or just surfing.You can spend the whole day doing that and not putting up one single post. Focus only on the ones in your niche. Have a schedule, be focused and consistent in your blogging, even if its a minimum of two posts per day.
  10. Endeavour to post about relevant topics so that the number of links may increase as you go. When I did the post Top 25 Nigeria fashion blogs, I was searching for a particular fashion item , and I ended up spending over 3 hours online. The blogs compilation is the result of my efforts so instead of keeping the information, I decided to share with others who might find it helpful. That one post has made my blog rank first on Google for fashion blogs in Nigeria
  11. To get more more traffic, use Join Google+, Facebook, twitter to promote your posts and use #hashtags. They do the magic. Join Bloglovin to connect with other bloggers.
  12.  It does not matter whether you’re on .com, .org, .net or dot.whatever; if your posts are relevant, you’d definitely get views and links irrespective. I use. org because a smart dude somewhere got my domain before I wised up, but I still get traffic nonetheless. Though Nigerians are programmed to end everything with .com, but if your .il has the only information they need, they will definitely come to your site.
  13. For Scheduling and auto posting across your main social media channels, nothing works more than IFTTT and hootsuite.
  14. Everything and everyone is on mobile. Go mobile. Get your blog on google apps, bbm channel and whatever works for you.
  15. If your blog is more of pictures, use Instagram and Twitter to get the best out of it.
  16. Blogging is not for you,If you wont be consistent, cant post regularly (at least twice a week), or don't have the time. Guest post instead (Sending articles in for other blogs), it increases your visibility and shows you are an authority in your field.
  17. Comment regularly on blogs in your niche (area of interest), that's how I have made new friends with other bloggers and you learn more.
  18. Know your audience, Its not enough if you get thousands of visitors and they don't mean anything to you or just pass by your site. Create posts that will make your kind of visitors coming back, if its for fashion tips, food recipes, makeup tricks or just seeing your new dress. I got 2000 views in a day on a  post , but one comment . And 500 views on  this post , but 12 comments. This shows that more comments doesn't necessarily translate to more traffic. Blog readers, please add comments, then others can learn from your  interactions.
  19. Trial and error is allowed, you can change blog name, title, edit html or add new anodes, adjust layouts, themes, templates, but Always back up blog , save posts and be sure of what you are doing.
  20. Finally just START! And the best time is now.

As I go on, I will ddefinitelyadd more tips. Watch out!!! So for all my blog mentees, Joy ( and others, Hope this post has  been of help.

For more help with blogging , check out these helpful sites.

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Eya Ayambem said…
Thank you for the mention. I honestly do appreciate this, only few bloggers do remember to give back by way of acknowlegements. I am On blogging break right now, when I resume, we'll talk. See how addicted I've become, managed to peep in here even while on break. Don't relent!
duchess treats said…
Hmmmm, these tips are very useful, thanks sooo much, I love ur blog, hope to be a blogger soon! Thanks typearls
duchess treats said…
Hmmmm, these tips are very useful, thanks sooo much, I love ur blog, hope to be a blogger soon! Thanks typearls