Entrepreneur Series: Lawyer Turned Photographer, Deborah Adegbaju

Guess who got featured in Nigerian Tribune,none other than my baby sister (Not so baby anymore). But am proud of her. Nothing or no one should stop you from achieving your dream or fulfilling purpose. Who says you cant be a student and be a successful entrepreneur? Dont be limited by what ifs and ifs only.Find your passion and live for it. The best time to combine careers or experiment is now,   So read excerpts from her Interview below.
Deborah Adegbaju
Nigerian Tribune excerpt
See some of her pictures :

Deborah Adegbaju is a law student at the University of Ibadan. Because everything appears to her in a picturesque manner, hence she developed interest in photography. The director of Kevwe Photography speaks with OLAIDE SOKOYA about how she has been combining law and photography. Excerpts:

H ow has it been combining photography and law?

I must confess that it has not been easy but the passion for one and love for the other keeps me going.
Now that you chose to be an entrepreneur, what will happen to your Law degree?
For my law degree, I still intend to practice, at least for a while.

What are the challenges of combining the two professions?

It has not been easy at all. Law alone is enough, but because it cannot override my passion, I have to balance the two. However, the major challenge is finance; we all know that photography and law require great financial investment. But God has been helpful through my parents and benefactors.

What about the challenge of time constraint?

Yes, that remains an issue, but as a good manager of time, I have been able to accurately prioritise my activities on a daily basis.

What if you have a job that clashes with your class, how will you address such situation?

It has never happened because most jobs fall on weekends. But if it eventually clashes, any of my workers can represent me and will do it well.

Men tend to make it faster in this business according to some people. How are you coping as a woman?

For me, it has been beautiful being a lady photographer, when people see me at events, they really think it is amazing being a female photographer. In short, I enjoy the attention I get from people whenever I am on the job.

How did you discover your passion for photography?

I think it all started when I saw everything in a picturesque way. It was just what I have always wanted to do from childhood.

What is still keeping you in this business?

What keeps me going is the fact that it’s just what I want to do and nothing more.

When will you be frustrated out of the business?

I don’t think I can ever be frustrated out of the business. Trust me, I have seen a lot but the fire is never going to die.

What does it take to snap a good picture for events?

I always say to get good pictures, you need good equipment but beyond that, the person taking the pictures really matters. A good photographer makes beautiful pictures.
What is your advice for the government on unemployment?
The government should make entrepreneurship more pronounced in schools’ curriculum at a very early stage, so when they get to higher institutions, monitoring and financing by the government would be the next. Due to the population of the country, there are more than enough demands entrepreneurs need to meet if they are empowered by the government through funding for start-ups.

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