Entrepreneur series: Meet Isoken Adacha of Dash and Blush makeup

isoken adachaisoken adacha
Isoken Idacha
Meet  Mrs. Isoken Adacha,the creative director and founder of D Dash n Blush Makeup. D Dash n Blush Makeup is a one stop beauty place that caters for the beauty needs of every woman. Their services  includes; makeup for every occasion, bridal hair styling, lash fixture, head gear (gele) tying, nail fixing, makeup training, sales of cosmetics and beauty consultation.


The crave to bring out the beauty in every woman, the urge to make an impact in the beauty industry and to do it professionally too. My role model is Mrs. Tara Durotoye of house of Tara international who inspired me, I can remember vividly that my cousin told me in his office to get trained from the best in the beauty industry and not to compromise on acquiring the necessary knowledge and skills hence I should get trained from the best that there is and that was exactly what I did and looking back I have no regrets.

My work is unique because I pay attention to every detail whilst Ido my job, every client is king hence I put in the very best of my skill to give them that signature look that leaves a lasting impression as I keep acquiring knowledge about the latest trends and updating my skill set, being prompt at my place of duty is one thing  I dont compromise as time is of great essence. My utmost desire is to make every woman beautiful.

What ever the chosen feed is, never leave out education, getting the necessary skill/knowledge needed,you have to be passionate about what you are venturing into, even when no believes in you, believe in yourself and your vision, there is need for patience, excellent customer service also can not be compromised. above all dont leave God out, commit it to Him to see you through.

 Other passions 

Hair styling, cooking and tailoring.

Tips for upcoming  makeup artistes

 i. Be passionate about the profession
ii. Acquire the right skill and knowledge needed
iii. Get a mentor (someone who you respect in the industry, a person who has recorded some sort of success, someone who inspires you)
iv. Dont be afraid to ask questions even when they sound stupid to you, always ask and get clarifications
v.  Get the right tools to work with
vi. Be patient with your clients

Greatest moment

One great moment for me was when I opened my makeup studio, it was a huge accomplishment for me.

Lowest moment 

My lowest moments was when I had to turn down jobs because I have been booked for a job only for the client to cancelled for some reasons.

Recommended makeup manuals

Bobbi Brown - Makeup Manual, Scot Barnes - Face to face, Kevyn Aucion - The Art of Makeup.

Final words

The world has become a global village, with the internet one can have access to places where one cannot necessarily be present hence the social media affords your business and brand to be showcased and portrayed even in places where you might not be able to get to enabling a wide spread. I use the social media a lot and it has enabled my brand to get a wider coverage .


Suite 1 Kohad plaza opposite sheriff clinic, Badore road. Badore, Ajah.
Tel: 08029997876
FB: www.facebook.com/ddashnblushmakeovers
Instagram: @ddashnblushmakeovers
Twitter : @ddashnblush
BBM: 7A4F5F19.

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