Meet Multitalented Nigerian female artiste- Ire the stage Devi

ire the stage devi
Ire the stage devi
Nigeria is brimming with stars and another star just waiting to explode is Ire the Stage Devil, she  is an International contemporary Folk Artiste. The first thing  that struck me about was  her strong voice and energetic movements on stage, more like Omawumi, Angelique Kidjo and Brenda Fassie rolled into one. Watching her perform at a recent party (More about the party here),She kept the audience so enthralled with her performance from start to finish, and had them literally eating out of the palms of her hands or is it from mouth, I was wondering where her source of amazing energy springs from because it looked like she could go on for hours. And here are some facts you should know about her.

  • One beautiful thing that Ire the Stage Devi is known for is her ability to tell stories through contemporary folk as a way of preserving our culture. She believes in using orals to correct morals and does it in a unique way.
  •  Ire is a multi-talented act. She is not just a musician but a performer and Chanter. Ire is what the world calls ‘TOTAL THEATRE’. Her audience is captivated by every move she makes on stage.
  • She is a culture ambassador and will never stop flaunting the beauty of culture and the richness of it to the world through her music and fashion style..
  • Her style of music is unique in the sense that while her peers chose Rock, Pop, RNB etc, she decided to stick to contemporary folk and highlife and excavates the debris left from these works, refines and dishes them back to same society that buried these works, serves them in a very palatable and appetizing way.
  •  Her use of African chants and yodels are unique. Majority of chanters chant off key but Ire chants on same key thereby displaying her vocal dexterity and sound knowledge of music.
  •  Ire is dynamite that never fails to explode each time she is on stage.
She also shared some insight into herself and her music. 
ire the stage devi
Ire at one of her perfomances


Music for me is inborn. I was not motivated to sing, but born to perform and sing. If I have something motivating me, I will definitely fall by the road side when that motivation is no more, but music being my destiny is one thing I will see to the end.


 I do Contemporary Folk and Highlife. When an old man dies, an entire universal Library has been set ablaze. Same thing is applicable to Folk Music as it traces us back to our roots and I am one of the natural preservatives used as a weapon to drive Africans down memory lane.


Waoh! Angelique Kidjo is my number one Role Model. Brenda Fassie, Mariam Makeba, Hugh Masekela, Salif Keita to mention a few.


Financial challenges and acceptance are the two major challenges. My kind of music appeals to conscious minds and lovers of good music.


 “Never a failure, always a lesson”.


 Initially, I started as a folk Artiste but over the years, my management brain stormed and rebranded my music to Contemporary Folk to enable it cut across all divides. I am most grateful because I promise to always have an open mind and a teachable spirit because knowledge is not restricted to Ire the Stage Devi alone. A little child can give me the very advice needed to bring about turning point in my music so I try as much as I can not to take anyone on a ride.


 It’s always darkest before the dawn, never give up. Be true to your calling and to yourself and finally, invest in yourself and choose healthy life styles.


 Farming… I will like to feed the world some day and humanitarian activities especially towards old people and children.


 The day my Video won the best indigenous video clip at SICA Festival at the Republic of Benin.


The day my Band was made to sit at the security post during an event. IMy Management had to call the attention of the Organisers and expressed their displeasure. I honestly don’t understand why those who light up any event will be treated like under dogs especially in this part of the world and still expect the best from them even after demoralizing their spirit.


Prayers, Practice, Healthy living, Positive attitude and Originality.

Ire for me represents the spirit of a strong African woman, triumphing despite all odds.
You can follow Ire the stage Devi on her social handles.
Facebook:Ire D Stage Devi

 Or contact her management team
Henrietta Ikediashi
Twitter: @hettywealth. Email: Mobile: 08035134227

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Lovely write up that best describes Ire the stage Devi. Keep up the good work TYPearls.
Nice piece that encapsulates what Ire the stage Devi is all about but one has to watch her perform to truly appreciate what the 'noise' is for!!.....'Tunji Onibiyo