Weddinginspiration: Full list of favorite Nigerian foods ideal for weddings

The date is set, the venue has been chosen, guests have received their invites, now you are wondering   what foods to serve at your wedding occasion and those  to avoid to make your guests happy and satiated. Remember to work with your food vendor or caterer to choose the best dishes for your event. The choices made will depend on your budget, wedding location, Seasonal foods available, guests' tastes,cultural backgrounds and religious beliefs of guests to be invited.(Christian or Muslim weddings). But this is a full list of food ideas from appetizers, main menu and desserts inclusive acceptable at Nigerian weddings.

A. Starters/Appetizers:

These are foods just to whet the appetite and open up the taste buds. They can be wrapped and placed on a table before guests arrive or serve before the reception kickoff.

  1. Nuts: Cashew Nuts, groundnuts, bitter kola, kola nuts.
  2. Small chops: Samosa, springroll, peppery puff, prawn in batter, gizdodo, mosa,chicken kebab,Pancakes
  3. Flour pastries: meat pies, chinchin,buns
  4. Local snacks: Kokoro, masa,coconut candy,
  5. Biscuits and cookies
  6. Fruit salad
  7. Meat variety: Gizzard, pork chops,meatballs, stick meat

nigerian main dishes
Nigerian dishes
Nigerian dishes

B. Main menu:

This is the main dish of to be served , the contents and quantity of it matters, as it is the most important meal of the event, even if none other is served, this one must be.The main dish is the determinant, the guests will judge the wedding after as to how was successful it is in feeding them. So care must be taken in the selection choice of main dishes on the menu. Mainly choose based on budget,if it is only one dish you can afford, make sure it is enough to go round.Here are Nigerian wedding favorites.

Rice: Chinese, Jollof, Fried, White , Ofada.
Solid/ Swallow: Amala, Eba, Semo, Pounded yam (Poundo yam), Fufu, Semovita, Wheat
 Beans pottage (Adalu)
Yam porridge

Foreign dishes: Spaghetti bolognaise , chinese noodles e.t.c


Plantain, moimoi, Vegetable salad


Ewedu and gbegiri (Optional)
Vegetable soup/ Efo riro  (Ugu,spinach, waterleaf, bitterleaf)
Ogbono or draw soup
Black soup

Assortments to go with the soup include:

Meat (cow or goat), bush meat, shredded beef, Chicken (grilled, roasted or fried), turkey, fish (dry,smoked, croaker,titus), prawns, snails, crayfish, crab.

Nigerian Desserts
C. Desserts: 

This is is the last meal eaten after a hearty dish, it must be sweet to taste , be able to remove all aftertaste ,leave a guest  licking his/her lips and feeling like a contented cat. You should try variety of flavors, sizes, colours to make them more appealing and irresistible. Hmmm!!
  1. Ice cream 
  2. Sweets and tarts
  3. Slices of cakes
  4. Pepper Soup (Fish,goat or offal)
  5. Asun (Barbecued goat meat)
  6. Suya (Barbecued cow meat) or Kilishi (Dried roasted cow meat)
  7. Cream coffees
  8. Chocolates (Wrapped or from a fountain)
  9. Drinks and Beverages: Chapman, fruit juice, flavored drinks, smoothie
Listed below  are  foods that  are not usually served at Nigerian weddings but are suitable for other social occasions like meet and greet, birthdays ,naming ceremonies, luncheons.

Yam and eggs (Scrambled, fried, omelette)
Bread and stew (Egg, garden egg or fish stew)
French fries and ketchup


  • Do not serve overly spiced,salted  or peppery foods . The foods served must be to an average person's taste without causing indigestion or stomach upset later.
  • Maintain proper hygiene throughout in the handling of all foods and also ask the caterers or food vendors to do same.
  • Take into consideration other people's beliefs and customs, depending on the wedding's location, serve foods that are generally acceptable. Avoid foods like pork, dog meat which some consider offensive due to religious reasons.
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