Relationships: Shattered but not broken- Lara Kudayisi

Guest speakers at the event
Lara Kudayisi

Top: Guests speakers and convener, Lara Kudayisi
Bottom: Truly yours with P.K and Lara

I have had numerous invites to attend one of Lara's sessions but only opportuned to attend the last one that took place at the Word of faith centre, Oregun Ikeja on 1st August 2015.  For so many reasons, I have always been skeptical of marriage and relationship consultants, because one is not so sure if some of them are in for the financial rewards , thrive on other people's hurts or genuinely have a passion for nurturing good relationships, healing broken hearts and building homes. But the shattered and broken conference changed some of my perspectives , it was an interactive session with many participants in attendance. The guest speakers spoke on the following topics:-

  • Finding Love Again- Lara Kudayisi-Emeralds
  •  Purpose and Marriage - Rotimi Bolaji
  •  Marriage,Divorce,LGBT and more - Praise Fowowe interviewed by Lara Kudayisi-Emeralds
  • What and Who You Are - Paul-Kayode Joash
  • Closure- Coach Sam Obafemi
  • Q&A Session by the Panelists (Lara Kudayisi- Emeralds,Grace Festus-Alao,Eniola Ake and Mathew Adedoyin)
  • Music by Victor Olayeni 
  • MC, Bukunmi "Preacher" Adelani

The sessions were powerful,generating so much response  and questions among guests. It was at the conference, I realised that the state of man has progressed or retrogressed, from whatever viewpoint you look at it from, his needs has expanded  to the extent that marriage and relationship consultant  no longer surmises the responsibilities of a professional. There are emotional management strategists, love coaches, behavioural change experts ,domestic violence and child abuse therapists, divorce and family breakup specialists , now added to the growing stream are masturbation, LGBT (Lesbians,gay,bisexual,transgender) experts. That's the "wonderful" world we living in now. So many issues to be dealt with.
Interestingly, I discover that we have these issues mostly because most men  are constantly living in a state of self-denial, not ready to face the truth even when it stares at them in the face.
A guest posed a question " Do I continue in a  relationship, where my partner neither calls or visit for days on end on the premise that he is busy ?". I imagine the person asking the question just needs another  to confirm what she already knows in her heart. This highlights the fact that humans are not perfect,we are in a state of continuous learning and emotional development. Without attaining the level of maturity required,having a good spiritual standing , self worth or understanding the basic purpose of being in a relationship. We will continue to deal with hurts, heartbreaks ,disappointments  until a self-discovery and actualization process occurs.

Next time, you are trying to find answers to relationship  questions such as Who should I be with? Where do I go from here?  What do i do next? How do  I love myself despite all attached baggage or  find a way to end the  pain in the path of your pursuit to happiness?  Just attend any of Lara's relationship seminars and  coaching events, she usually organises them every other month. Check out her website here for more details.
Am so glad I was in this event, sometimes the best things in life are gotten almost free , but it is a shame if you don't recognise the worth on time. You can pay heavily later.

And Final words from Lara,
"When you set out to fall in love,get married and live Happily Ever After,you didn't know that you were going to be heartbroken,jilted,abandoned and possibly scarred for life.
I could tell you about this because I was shattered into many pieces when I was on this journey. Unfortunately,these sour experiences form your new template to deal with the next relationships or even marriage. You become so cautious that you can't even release yourself fully to enjoy a new love.
I was stuck on this spot for so long until I was able to give CLOSURE to those many faces and I finally stopped hurting. This is a place of rest and peace because you know life is too short to be lived with inhibitions.
It is never too late to live Happily Ever After".

Lara Kudayisi-Emeralds
Emotion Management Specialist
(Romance. Family. Heartbreaks)
Helpline: 07081573601
BB Pin: 2B2BC0BE
Twitter: @larakudayisi
Instagram: @larakudayisi.

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