Why do Nigerian celebrities fake their deaths?

 Though Life is less merciful, but why wish yourself or anyone dead?
 Thats the question many ask the carriers of death rumours. When you hear of the passing of anyone, you wait days or hours to really confirm because one can' t be certain of  which story  is real or fake anymore.  Some Nigerians that were rumored dead but still alive include Shagari , Angela Okorie,Don Jazzy,Baba Sala, Eldee, and now Skibii.

Why the death hoax stories?

1. To gain attention: Some believe  the only means of getting people's attention asides from being famous, rich, beautiful, well dressed, humourous , good looking, pose nude, act crazy is to act dead.

2. Promotion: For those who have tried all means to increase their fan base, promote an album or book, make sales, faking death can be their last resort to get noticed and generating massive media buzz.

3. Power of the tongue: So many have predicted their deaths , some  because they have the powers of hindsight or they wanted to add spice to their lyrics but  their deaths came to pass even some to the exact date of their prediction. Examples of famous people who predicted their deaths included , Dagrin, Tupac Shakur, Notorious B.I.G.

4 Occultic influence or Juju power: If you dont believe in magic, then skip this . In the quest for power, career boosts  and long life, traditionalists can be advised to make a proclamation of their death and remain in hiding for some days. This will enable them live a longer life and  have more  powers. In Yoruba language, it is referred to as "tufo" (death proclamation). This is the reason why you hear  about the death of so many kings or famous people like musicians and actors  but  are eventually discovered to be just mere death rumours and the supposedly dead people are found to be alive later.

5. As a means of escape: Men have been found to leave their friends, children, wives behind to fake their own deaths and suicides so convincingly that police, security agents and insurance investigators have been  totally or nearly fooled. The reasons for their actions  for  trying so hard to bury their pasts and start a new life are numerous; debts, ruined marriages, fear of jail, insurance money, wanted  for a crime, drug deals turned sour, fear of rebuttal or revenge, inheritance issues, spies,depression, any issue they feel the best alternative is to escape from it all and start over in a new location.

6. Chronic liars/actors: These are people who get their kicks out of seeing how convincing their lies or actions will be. They plan their deaths, act out the death scenes or get friends  to help, they even put out the information  or post their obituaries but they laugh at how others felt  sorry for  them. I heard of a man who later caned his wife because she did not cry at his faked burial, some even lie about their deaths just to see how many facebook /instagram likes , R.I.P  comments they can get, or  the number of people that  will turn up for their wake keep.

7.Rumour peddlers: There are those that are just envious of success, political pundits wishing to force an issue to move in their favour,jealous  bad belle friends, naive journalists who are ready to put out any story to gain traffic, or just pull the other person down. They don't mind taking the picture of someone sleeping and claiming he is dead. An artiste  has been off scene for sometime  or SSS makes an arrest, and  the next thing one hears is that he is dead.  Maka Why?

And if you are one of those who peddle death rumours or planning to fake your own death. Here are  reasons why you must stop. (I cant help but think in my native tongue, so forgive my use of "YOU". You can substitute it for whatever pronoun or name you wish)

1. So you think bad publicity is still good publicity as long as you gain attention . Here is a news flash for you, you only remain a news item  till another  important story comes along or another more famous celebrity dies.

2. You lose integrity . As a news outlet or  an influential person others look up to for current information, unconfirmed reports which are later proven to be false published by you can affect your brand.  Your image will be  dented or  tainted with dishonesty. A powerful king died in Nigeria recently and some thought it was the same old death rumour as this king has been rumoured to be dead twice previously, but the recent one proved to be true. Recently, I also goofed when I join others to tweet the death of Jonathan's  CSO, Gordon Obua, which was why I took my time when I heard of five star label music star, Skibii's death.  Shekau, Boko Haram's leader has been killed several times by the Nigerian army and resurrected by his own sect people with video evidence, no one is longer  sure of which side to believe anymore.

3. Rumour mongers and spreaders of falsehood will only have themselves to blame when they eventually reap the fruits  of their deceit.

4. If you are not the next Jesus, steer clear of prophesying your  death because you may not resurrect.

5. You put people through so much , family members, loved ones, close friends and fans,  those who have been moved to call, send messages, do candle lit processions, donate money make burial plans,  who actually believe the death story ,only to later find out that they have been toyed with and duped. So you probably expect  all those tears shed on your behalf, broken hearts, hurt, and pain  to  suddenly go away and instead smiles appear all round.  No way! What you get is furiousness, animosity, broken friendships, misplaced trust, anger, confused emotions and worst a complete break from you.

6. Death is inevitable. According to the bible,"it has been appointed to  every man to die once, after this is judgement". No need to hasten its process, it will eventually come.

Finally, factors that  has really contributed to the spread of death hoax stories has been the widespread use of social media and the slow response of agents/individuals whose responsibility is to quickly debunk  claims till it goes viral beyond redeemable stage.

So think thrice and reconfirm  before you put out a death hoax story or fake your  death.

Remember this is an original article written by me, Author's credit should be properly acknowledged and directed to this blog. 

"To whom much is given, much is expected".

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