3 DOs and DONTs of Suspenders

Suspenders can be worn by both men and women
Hello fashionistas,

I felt the need to clear the air regarding certain myths about suspenders.So here are  simple do's and donts about wearing suspenders:

1. DO: Wear suspenders with clip ons or  buttons.

DONT: Wear a belt and suspenders at the same time.They both serve the purpose of holding your  pants up.

2. DO: Wear suspenders even if your pants have button holes

DONT: Mismatch your suspenders with your shirt i.e striped shirts on striped
braces are a no-no.

3. DO: Let your suspenders match with at least an article of clothing.

DONT: Wear them on jeans unless you are a rockstar or a musician seeking attention.Lol

Remain Fashionable,

Sola Outspok'n!

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