Bead DIY1: online tutorial

Welcome to my first beading tutorial.   Let's start with a bead design that looks intricate, yet so simple. 
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Fl- Fishing line
Cry- Crystal bead
Sb- Seed beads
Snd- Sand beads

More terms when used will be explained. Remember to  pay attention to details. 
For this design, my seed beads are sand beads .


Step 1: Cut a desired length of fishing line.  Usually use a tape rule to measure round your neck to get an estimated length.  Knot  the end  fishing line with a stop bead to stop the beads from falling off as the work progresses. 
Step 2. String 3 sb, 1 cry. Repeat process 2ce.  Thread fl through the first sb,you have a circle of 9sbs and 3 crys.
N. B: The fl will come out from the first sb you started with. 
Step 3. Add 3 sbs, 1 cry to the fl, thread through the first  cry in the first stage (you skip 2sbs),add 3sbs,1cry to fl, thread through second cry (now you skip 3sbs),repeat  i.e 3sbs, 1cry,string through third cry and pass out from the first sb. 
Step 4. Repeat Step 3, till you get  your desired length. 
Step 5. Note there will be  two crystal beads beside each other after each stage, always pass through the first crystal.
These bead tutorials are intended for bead lovers, bead artists,  professionals, beginners no matter the age or gender.
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