Bead Diy2: Weaving technique

bead Weaving technique
Weaving technique

Materials needed:

Crystal beads (Cr)
Sand beads (Snd)
Fishing line (0.35mm) (Fl)


  1. Cut your desired length of fishing line, hold the fishing line  ends in your two hands using the thumb and fore finger. Make sure its equal.
  2. Put 2 Cr in the fl on your left hand side (Lhs) and 1 Cr in the fl on your right hand side (Rhs) , cross with 1 Cr.
  3. Put 1 Cr on Lhs and 1 Cr on Rhs. Cross with 1 Cr.
  4. Repeat (3) till you get to desired length. This is the common weaving technique.
  5. After  you have obtained your desired length. Cut another fishing line. Pass through the first Cr in (2), so you have fl to the left and right sides.
  6. Add 4 Snd to the Lhs and 4 Snd to the Rhs, Cross with the 4th Cr (That is the crystal bead used for crossing in the previous stage) .
  7. Repeat (6) till you get to the end of the woven necklace
  8. Attach hooks for necklace, earrings or bracelet. Whatever you make with the design.
Note: Cross means to pass the Fishing line on Lhs to the Rhs through a bead and the Fl on the Rhs to the Lhs through the same bead. 
If you enjoy this tutorial. Let me know.

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