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Gloria Aniagolu Ogunoh is a Nigerian Blogger based in Dubai. A B.Sc Holder in Social Sciences and happily married with two lovely kids. She is the beautiful lady behind Nigeria's premier promo blog , PromoNigeria. Read her full interview and blogging's journey  below: 
Gloria Aniagolu Ogunoh
Gloria Aniagolu Ogunoh

How I started blogging:
My passion for creativity led me to build my Blog; PROMO BLOG BY GLORIA

In 2012, I was based in Abuja, working as a Personal Assistant to the Executive Director of an International company. I was also preparing to get married and join my Husband in the UK. I needed something to keep busy while in the UK, before i could get a job. I got to know what a blog is after reading an article on Linda Ikeji's Blog. When i saw her blog, i knew it was something i could do, as I love working on the computer and surfing the net. I browsed around other blogs and almost everyone was blogging on celebrities, I needed something different as I love to be unique.  My quest for a different field to blog about, led me to Nigerian Companies Promos. I started the blog while I was still working in Nigeria.

Major Interest / Blogging Topic:
Promo blog is a platform for notifying the Nigerian public of companies on Promotions, Giveaways, Competitions, Contests,  Bonanza and auctions of products and services. 

Role Model:
My Role Model is Ellen Degeneres. I have seen how she helps people, it gives me joy to see someone who renders help to people without expecting them to pay back.

Best Advice to me:
The  best advise given to me  is to hold unto my dreams and never give up. 

Advice to Upcoming Bloggers:
I advise upcoming bloggers to find a unique field to Blog about and just Blog for fun and if it eventually turns out profitable, it will be a plus for them. 
Gloria Aniagolu Ogunoh
Isnt she lovely
Blogging resources or apps you can't do without 
In Blogging, the Social Media Apps are very important for  publicity.

Other interests different from blogging
Apart from Blogging, i love  working in the Corporate World. 

Can you recommend blogging as a full time or part time job
Blogging can be a Full time Job or Part Time, it all depends. Someone who has 500,000 to 1 Million fan base on Facebook or Twitter can start blogging and earning on full time basis, but if you are starting from the Scratch to build your audience, it has to be part time because it takes years before you can start earning good money.

Whats the greatest /lowest moment as a blogger
The great moments for me are actually two. One is when i get appreciation emails from people who won Promos from my Blog, I feel good that i have helped someone, on the other hand, i'm super excited when i get paid for advertisements. Lowest moment for me is when i have technical problems that i cant find a solution to. For Instance, many of my readers using opera mini can't comment on my blog because Blogger Platform has a compatibility problem with Opera Mini Browser. I'm still looking for a solution to it. I will definitely sort it out soon.  Its bad that your readers can't comment on your Blog.

For more useful blogging tips, recommend some sites.
For Blogging Tips, i advise bloggers to get  help from Yomi Prof of Wealth Creations and Jide of Ogbonge Blog. When i started blogging,  I learnt a lot  through google but it took me a lot of time. These guys make it their Job to help Bloggers. They are basically my technical support now.

Check out Gloria's blog here.

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