Book Inspiration:Name your favorite book

There are books and there  are books.  Some are life altering, motivating and inspiring.  While others change the entire course of one's life and set you either on the right or wrong path.  I love reading,  especially books on biographies, fiction, romance, business, development and creative arts . While others binge on food, alcohol or engage in blood pumping activities to relieve stress, I read. Its my No 1 aphrodisiac. So let's start.  Name a book that changed your life.  

Mine is the Bible and "Dear Abby"
Different books on display

Also read:


*Rich Dad Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki
*Gifted Hands by Dr. Ben Carson
*The Big Picture by Dr. Ben Carson
*The Alchemist
*The Power of Positive Thinking
*How These Companies Started in Hard Times These are the ones I remember offhand*winks winks*
Thanks D.ami, Great books you have read