Movie of the month: Black coffee

My favorite movie right now is Black coffee, No cream, no sugar. This is a movie directed and produced by Mark Harris and featuring an African-American cast of Darrin Dewitt Henson, Christian Keyes, Lamman Rucker, Erica Hubbard, Richard Gallion. Though released last year 2014, but  the movie is an all-timer ,its one of the movies I wont be deleting form my collection for years to come.  I particularly love the makeup on the actresses face,so on point, especially Morgan's (played by Gabrielle Dennis).
black coffee

The words below summarizes the message of the film. 

"Each gifted man needs a gifted woman to help him fulfil his destiny, objective and purpose in life. The male and female should be of one mind in doing the work of God."- Anonymous

Black coffee also shares timeless advice on entrepreneurship and relationship issues. See some lessons I deduced as listed below. 

1. The best salary you will ever get is the one paid by you.
2.  Everyone deserves happiness, yes including the crazies, temperamental and ugly ones.
3. There is a perfect match for everyone, that person that will help  highlight your strengths and downplay your weakness. You only need to be patient  and discerning to recognise him/her.
4. It does not matter where you start from, from your courtyard, on the streets, in your garden, all that  matters is to start and be passionate about being successful at it.
5. With the right packaging, courteous smiles, getting to understand your customer's needs and relating with them, will bring in top price for the goods or services you are offering because of these extra efforts.
6. Letting go of old hurts, forgiveness and breaking away from draining relationships is the best way of moving forward and getting your life back. The correct way to  remove a plaster is to do it once and not gradually, it may not be the easiest , but the sore heals faster and the pain lessened.  Always cut your losses when it is wise to do so.
7. He who has peace of mind, happiness and a supportive partner has everything. Money, wealth comes second.
8. Always get involved with someone who share the same values and expectations with you, Water will always find its own level. You cant expect fresh water in a pond, or brackish water in the ocean, so also don't expect to find happiness with someone you don't share same principles with.
9. A support system gets  you through the worst and best times. Your support system can consists of family, trusted friends, spouse, or a group. Cultivate a great relationship with them and knows who matter. They are the ones who will be there for you no matter the circumstances.
10. Black coffee is the best. No cream , no sugar. This shows that beautiful things comes in simple packages. No garnish ,illusions or add-ons, the real deal wont hide behind fake glitter.

Do watch the movie and let me know what you think or other lessons observed.

Remember this is an original article written for Typearls lifestyle, Author's credit should be properly acknowledged and directed to this blog. 

"To whom much is given, much is expected".

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