TOP 5 "LEARN HOW TO BLOG" Nigerian blogs


Dear new blogger,
Congrats! You have successfully taken a bold step to own and run (yes ,it is running) blog. Let me help you save zillions of hours spent  online on performing google searches on blogging related topics or how to drive consistent traffic to your blog. " When you are in Rome", you definitely act as a Roman, but now that you blogging in Nigeria or have a Nigeria-based audience, here are some Useful sites that will teach you all you need to know and make your blogging experience a smooth one. These are serious blogs and not those types that have so much hype, no meaningful content nor do they try to force you to signup or  buy business secrets you do not need. I have always been of the opinion that true knowledge should not be sold. The intending user that recognizes its worth will always buy it. The sites are highly recommended, especially as they have been around for a while and are conversant with the Nigerian blogosphere, their tips and advice have made relatively known bloggers become popular and blockbuster bloggers. 
  1. Ogbonge blog: Powered by Jide Ogunsanya. Jide is a guy who keeps my Facebook timeline busy , he has funny quips and puts up comic  posts . He has been powering Nigerian blogs since 201...., and also one of the reasons am still on blogger. Just visit his blog to have your blogging questions. My favorite post is An open letter to new bloggers.
  2. JustNaira: Powered by Olusegun Fapohunda. This is ablog that shows the step by step process of blogging, platfrom migration, adding codes and widgets to blogs and  quality site optimization. Occasionally Segun also blogs about making money online and social media tricks.
  3. Bloggers lab: Powered by different Nigerian bloggers: It is not a site per se, but a Facebook group where other bloggers connect together, share insights, techniques, latest trends , offer new tips, put up sales and generally talk about their blogging experiences.
  4. Nairaland: Powered by Seun  Osewa. Nairaland is not another blog, its a community forum of people willing t share thir knowledge and experiences, its the Nigerian's alternative to Yahoo answers. Just register/log in with  your account, type in the  blogging keywords, click search and Voila! Your questions answered.
  5.  Writersincharge: Powered by Onibalusi Bamidele. For a guy who has written over 4000 articles within 4 years , that's about an average of 2 to 3 posts per day, you can be sure writing is an art with him as he has it down to perfection. If you are still to find your niche, develop a writing style or doubting the power of guest posting. You need to read all of Bamidele's articles to be learn and be inspired.

To learn about how to tweak your blog, engage your audience, modify themes,  guest posting ,traffic conversion , Search engine optimization (seo) and more . Here are some useful blog posts and sites you need to check out. 

Quicksprout by Neil Patel: Neil Patel is the king of blogging and social media , no need to tell you why you must visit his site.
Threadingmyway: Great  reads on how to make your blog appearance better and more professional.
Shoutmeloud: Read all of Onibalusi Bamidele's posts.

I share stories of different Nigerian bloggers to encourage and inspire other bloggers . To Feature in the  bloggers connect series. Send an email to me with the name and URL of your website or blog.  If selected, will send you details and interview questions.

P.S:  This post is not only for newbies,in fact,for the  experienced bloggers, if you take time out to visit these sites, am sure you will cultivate a positive approach to your blogging style and get an increase in traffic. Thank me later. 

Enjoy your blogging experience!!

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"To whom much is given, much is expected".

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