#Ajalatravels: Four South east states visited in 3 days


Just Like Ajala traveled all over the world pictured below, I did my own travelling within Nigeria and to the South east. What better way to explore different parts of the country, discover new cultures, see more places and expand one's horizons except one leaves the comfort zone to visit other areas. Though this is not my first time to the east, but this trip is unique in that  I visited 4 Different locations in a space of 3 days and I enjoyed every moment except the traffic standstill in Asaba. The south east has produced illustrious Nigerians such as Chukwuemeka Ojukwu, Chuba Okadigbo, Chinamanda Adichie, Chinua Achebe, Pius Anyim and more. It was a  great experience visiting some of these great ones towns and villages. 

L: Ajala, Nigerian's popular traveler.  R: Peaceful, calm environment, one of the attractions of Enugu
Day 1 (Lagos/Onitsha/ Enugu) :  Take off from Lagos 10am in a chartered bus , traveled through Ore, Ijebu,Benin, Umunede, Agbor, and a brief stop over at Asaba airport , the  airport is a testimony to Ex- Gov Uduaghan's excellent projects. Had we known , we would have stopped at any of the previous locations mentioned  for refreshments instead we continued hoping to reach Enugu before 5pm. Alas , we ended up spending over 6 hours in the Asaba- Onitsha holdup. Gosh, have been hearing of this dreaded car gridlock and how some travelers spend days and nights in it, but I have never experienced it. It is not a funny situation at all, I slept ,woke up,slept,woke up, repeatedly in the vehicle , yet it seemed the bus had not moved a foot. Added to this unpleasantness, the pangs of hunger and heat also made staying in the bus unbearable.
 Traffic holdup
One of Traffic gridlocks experienced
At a point, we came down to have snacks , in fact interacting with other travelers made the waiting easier. Up and down we looked and waited endlessly but didn't see the end of the traffic in sight .No one knows  really what  caused the holdup,but it was attributed to the ongoing road construction , immediately night fell, under the cover of darkness, some area boys wanted to take advantage and they moved around asking for money. Needless to say, many didn't even acquiesce to their demands, after spending so much frustrated hours in the holdup, being a cheerful giver was the least of their priorities. So from 3pm till 9pm,we were held hostage in the Onitsha holdup. Once freed, we continued through Onitsha, Awka and proceeded to Enugu, most of the roads along this route are practically unmotorable, If one is not careful, the roads can cause a car to sink or breakdown. We arrived Enugu late around 11pm, but surprised to discover there was still an active nightlife going on. Around the Independence Layout, New haven road, there are  nightclubs and eateries that I discovered open till early mornings. 

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Day 2 (Enugu/Okigwe/Awka) : In company of my colleagues, we proceeded to Okigwe in Imo State, passed through some villages in Abia state. Unfortunately, I could not visit Owerri as planned, moved through Uga down to Awka, Onitsha and Finally Asaba.

enugu country side
The serene countryside of Imo state
Day 3 (Asaba/Lagos): The return journey was smoother, no traffic buildup, most of the roads especially Benin- Ore expressway are good.We just stopped to buy large bunch of plantains, bananas, goundnuts, oranges which are abundant along this route.   The highlight of my journey was the Eba (Yellow garri) and White soup I ate in Asaba.

Onitsha / Niger bridge
The Onitsha / Niger bridge (This is the only bridge connecting the south west to the southeast)
Next time you find yourself in the east, don't forget to try the local delicacies like Okpa, Ofe Nsala, Ofe Achara, White Soup and more.  You can also take the opportunity to visit the great Onitsha market, the economic hub of South eastern Nigeria and buy some goods. 
white soup and catfish
The highlight of my trip, White soup with the biggest catfish I have ever seen

Well, I still miss the the cool, calm and serene environment of Enugu. No bustling, hustling and hurrying unlike in Lagos.

Places visited:

Enugu- Enugu state
Asaba- Delta state
Awka - Anambra state
Okigwe- Imo state