Bead diy 3: How to do the Rug design or carpet matting

Bead carpet design

Seed beads (sb) size 2 or size 6
Crystal (cry) size 10 beads
Fishing line (fl) .35mm
Size 11 needle
Procedure 1 :

Easiest procedure but popularly known as carpet matting. (For this procedure, let the seed bead be a size 6)

‎1) Cut your fl,string 2 crys, 2 sbs to your right, string 2 crys ,2 sbs to your left,cross both lines with 2crys.
‎2) String 2 crys on your right,2 sbs to your left, cross both lines wit 2 crys
‎3) Repeat step 2 till you get to your desired length and turn.
‎4) To turn, String 2 sbs , 2 crys on your left line and cross wit 2 crys
‎5) String 2 crys and 2 size sbs on your left and string another 2 crys on your left, pass the right line through the  last 2 crys
‎6) Pass your right line through the  previous 2 crys  on your matted side
‎7) String 2 sbs  on your left line and cross with 2 crys
‎8) Continue with step 7 till the end of first matting.

‎Note; Steps 1-8 is for the first side 

‎9) Repeat step 1-8(for the second side)
‎10) Join both sides by overlapping them on each other  to give a V-shape , You can add a brooch to accessorize.

Procedure 2: This is the original carpet design (For this procedure, let the seed bead be a size 2)
  1. Cut some fishing line , pass one end into a size 11 needle and knot the other end with one seed bead.
  2.  You Start with 12 seed beads ,first, pass 3 seed beads into the fishing line, make sure it's tight, pass your needle up through the next 3 sb and pick 1sb, 1cry &1sb. Pass the needle through the initial 3sb used at the beginning.
  3. Pass the needle up through the next 3sb and pick 9sb and pass your needle  through the 3sb on top of first one done leaving 3sb on d left.
  4. Pass the  needle up through the next 3sb then pick 1sb 1cry& 1sb and pass d needle through the 3 sb at the bottom leaving 6sbs, go up again through 3sb and pick another 9sb as in previous step.
  5.  Continue 3-4  till the bead measures 7inches.
  6.  For the second side  pick 9sb at the start, then the subsequent ones will be 6sb , repeat as done for the first side.
  7.  The first side should be 7 inches, about 5 lines, while the second one around 8 inches. Join both sides together by passing the fishing line through the twos sides in a zigzag manner and pull tightly.
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