Bloggers connect: Meet Chiamaka Obuekwe of SocialPrefect

" Hi ,my name is Chiamaka Obuekwe also known as the Social Prefect." 
That's the intro you get if you ever meet this beautiful, ever smiling lady, I know because our paths have crossed twice, at Lagos bloggers conference and at Olori super gal's New Media hosted event  . At both occasions, I noticed she makes friends easily, engages them in conversations and loves taking pictures. No wonder she is a great  travel, lifestyle blogger, because she the basic skills needed.
Chiamaka  Obuekwe
Chiamaka  Obuekwe
Read more about her journey to blogging success story  in her own words. 

How I got started
I love to visit different places and travel. Before I started blogging, I would just go out and take lots of pictures and post on social media and people would admire them and even ask me for suggestions and opinions on places for dates, parties and general outings. Late last year, I started to nurse the idea of having a bigger platform to tell my travel and outing stories and also review places so that people can know the best places to visit.

Many people ask if I was Social prefect in secondary school, but I wasn’t. A friend of mine said she thinks I should be called Social prefect because I know a lot of people and I go out a lot too; it was funny, but since then, the name stuck.

Blogging Topics
 My major interests/Blogging topics are Travel, Events and Lifestyle
Chiamaka at Magicland
Chiamaka at Magicland
Role models
 I have one major role model and her name is Sharon Mundia of, a Kenyan fashion and travel blogger; she is very full of life and has really evolved and grown in the blogosphere, I really admire her and her journey. I also admire the work and lifestyle of Patricia Bright a UK/Nigerian blogger and Chiara Ferragni of, an Italian blogger.

Advice to bloggers
Don’t go into it because of money. Blog about what you’re passionate about, instead of focusing on how you can be richer than Linda Ikeji. 
Do what you’re passionate about. Full stop. Do not compare yourself with others because we are all different and we’re not running the same race. So stay on your own tracks.
I can recommend blogging as a part time or full time job. There are many full time bloggers, even in Nigeria. Nowadays it pays, especially through advertisements, endorsements, affiliate marketing and more. Though, it doesn’t happen so fast for everyone, but with time, hard work and consistency, full time blogging will pay off.
Well, just like life, blogging has its ups and downs and there are several of them. But for me, I see everything as a learning process to help me grow. Because blogging is about numbers, I guess one of my greatest moments would be when I had really good traffic and I ranked very highly on Alexa and one of my lowest moments would be when my ranking crashed hard and when my traffic reduced. But all these have taught me what to do and what not to do. Sometimes, I try not to look at the numbers and concentrate on quality and work at my pace. 

Recommended apps

I’ll say because I’ve learnt from different sites which I found on Google. There is no particular site that has all the advice I need. When I need to learn a particular tip or skill, I simply Google it and it redirects me to some of the best sites that have what I need. 
Google analytics and the Jetpack plugin have been very useful and extremely helpful in my blogging journey.

Other Interests
Apart from blogging, I also love to travel of course (which is the focal point of my blog), I love to dance too, I love reading (but I haven’t had time for that in a while) and I love meeting people.
Chiamaka blogs here.  Search for her on Instagram too @socialprefect

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