Excruciating stomach pain at night: Causes and cures

Have you ever been woken up abruptly at during sleep at night by an agonising abdominal pain?
If the pain is unusual and the possibility of ulcer, appendicitis, pregnancy, pancreatitis, acid reflux and other medical conditions have been ruled out. 
bloated stomach
Bloated tummy
Here are other probable  causes :
1. Stomach bloating -  Too much gas in the tummy or excessive food intake before sleep.
2. Menstrual cramps
3. Food poisoning

Pain caused by these conditions are usually accompanied by heart burn, waist pain, diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, restricted body movement (that is inability to stand up or move freely).  I experienced such pain on a particular night, though I could not easily pinpoint what set it off. The pain is so excruciating to the point it leaves you writhing and restless.  Thankfully,  added to the power of prayers, I had a natural herbal mixture on hand that is the sure cure for these kind of conditions. 
Trust me, for this pain,  paracetamol, flagyl (metronidazole), even ibuprofen can't be of much help.  The herb mixture works best, it is natural and has the extra benefit of no side effect.  It is a mixture of ground efirin leaves, ginger, garlic and Moringa seeds.  Dont really know the preparation process, but it works wonders. Though bitter, but can be taken with water, tea or pap. A capful dose is enough to ease any stomach cramps, aid indigestion and relieve all abdominal pains.  Once the mixture is taken, you will purge, possibly vomit a little but within minutes all signs and symptoms of stomach unease is gone. 
You can prepare your own mixture at home but if you want from my own source that the product has been tested and proven to work,  send an email  to my contact or call for details. It comes at affordable prices, N500 per bottle.
Also remember to watch what you eat and monitor your weight.
However, if your stomach pain persists or becomes needlessly unbearable,  visit the nearest medical centre to determine the cause of your stomach pain. An abdominal pain is not usually the ailment but a symptom or mask of it. 

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