Friday Fashion tips for men: How to look good in and out of office

So its Friday! TGIF..Yaay!!!!..The most beloved day of the week apart from the public holidays. One of the popular questions asked by a stylish man is how he should dress on days like this to work?  You don't want to look too serious but at the same time, its been a crazy week and you want to let your hair down literally,I mean, the weekend awaits..You want to look stylish, fashionable at the same time project having a good dress sense image.  OK, I feel your pain. Follow this steps and you cant go wrong!

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1. If T-shirts or polo shirts aren't allowed at the office, a shirt preferably short sleeved which does not have a much busy pattern on it, preferably a striped or checkered shirt.
2. Absolutely no shorts please! ( Leave that for the beach and  golf course later ) but chinos and denim pants are OK.
3. Sports jackets are OK too but remember we are trying to tone down our look not complicate it you have plans to attend a meeting, exchange it for a proper jacket).
4.For shoes, personally,I always have a pair of converse sneakers on (I have almost all the colors in the spectrum available) but comfort is key with whatever you wear..pick a color preferably other than black.
5.Belts are optional, if your pants can hold up without them.

And for those who love wearing native attires, here are some Friday style tips .........
1. Simple is more. You are going to work not a fashion parade...Cool colours like white and Blue are just perfect..I  will reserve my comments on wearing black, but pls remember you are planning to spread cheer not gloom(Go Figure!)
2. Dashikis are a bit tricky,though a lot of variants abound these days, make sure you are wearing not exposing so much of your arms.
3. Except its cultural day, outlandish traditional attires are a NO-NO!..

Now you are ready for the weekend!..whatever you do, please do in moderation. Comments are welcome. If there is anything we might have left out, hola!..

Article written by Sola Outspokn Balogun. Follow @outspokn on Instagram.

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