How to start a profitable makeup business in Nigeria

makeup business
The makeup industry is fast growing and people are really taking advantage of its different business sides. As at today, that industry in Nigeria is worth more than N1 billion naira.
Asides from offering the service and delivering the trainings, there is also the part of selling products.
Do you know you can set up a MOBILE MAKEUP PRODUCTS SHOP - where you sell makeup foundation, makeup brushes, makeup bags etc.

Take the makeup bags for example, there is a place in TradeFair where good makeup bags are sold at whole price of N6000 and the market price of the same makeup bag is N15,000. Can you see the profit margin? You are gonna make a whooping N9000. Multiply that by 10 makeup bags, you get N90k.
To start, all you need N60,000 (plus cost of transporting the makeup bags) to buy your first 10. Sell at N15,000. You generate revenue up to N150,000 which can be invested back into the business.
To market, visit makeup shops, training centers, go to University hostels and open a BBM Channel for it. Use social media to push the photos of the bags and the price. Offer a free delivery opportunity.
If you can sell 20 a month, you make an extra N180, 000.
Where to get the money?
- Personal savings
-Family and Friends
-Loan from Bank Of Industry
-Enterprise Competitions
-Physical Crowd Funding (Get 60 people to donate N1000)

What else?

Business idea shared by David Lanre Messan popularly  known as DLM, the idea strategist. Follow him on twitter @ideastrategist

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