Recipe: Curry rice, fried chicken and Sauce in 5 easy steps

Curry rice and sauce
Curry rice and sauce.
Picture credit. Babes Sikeade


Vegetables- carrots, red and green bell peppers (Tatashe), onions, spring onions.
Chicken pieces- A kilo
Rice - 2 cups
Vegetable oil  and /or margarine- 1/2 ltr
Spices- seasoning cubes, ginger garlic, curry, thyme.

Equipment: Cooker, wooden spoon, frying pan, coriander (for draining), pots.


  1. Get all veggies needed, carrot, spring onions, green and red tatashe,onions, slice and dice accordingly, put away in a bowl. 
  2. Boil your chicken pieces, well garnished with spices. Conserve the stock (chicken water) divided into two parts, one for the rice, the other for the sauce. Fry the chicken pieces with vegetable oil , preferably  use non stick fry pan.To make it smell nice, add onion slices and garlic to the oil before you start frying. 
  3. To cook the rice: First,  Parboil your rice. Drain the water,  re boil the rice, when it is almost done, add curry,maggi chicken stock, seasoning cubes, onions and little oil or margarine. Allow it to boil and cooked well, till the water dries off. 
  4. To make the sauce: heat a little oil in a small pan, add ketchup, barbecue sauce, onions, spices ,dry pepper and chicken stock. Add  the chicken pieces and stir the mixture well together. 
  5. Serve the sauce with the rice. 

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