The making of Liquid soap: Steps and safety precautions

Liquid soaps

Materials needed: To make 10 liters of soap

  • Sulphonic acid (foaming agent) - 1 litre
  • Nitrosol 1/4 kg
  • Texapon 1/4 kg- Gives the soap the gel like structure
  • Soda ash 1/2kg
  • Caustic soda 1/2 kg - This is the bleaching and detergent that does the work. Handle with care.
  • Sls (Sodium Lauryl Sulphate) 1/4 kg
  • Fragrance, as desired. Lemon, Strawberry are popular perfumes. 
  • Glycerin to give the soap its shiny look. It softens the hands and skin . If the soap will be used as a shampoo or hand wash, increase the amount of glycerin to be used.
  • Formalin: 3cap fuls- This is the preservative agent
  • Water- 10 liters. 
  • Color- Lemon, Orange, Blue, Yellow, Pink e.t.c 

1. In separate containers, Dissolve the caustic soda and soda ash in 2 liters of water each , leave for 24 hours. That means you carry out this step a day before.
2. Pour the  sulphonic in a dry bowl , add the texapon and stir well for  20min,  pour  in the soda ash.
3. Dissolve Nitrosol in water in another bowl, add the sls and stir properly.
4. In a big container, turn all the contents in 2 and 3 into it, add the caustic soda solution, mix thoroughly with a wooden stick, while stirring, add the perfume, color, formalin and glycerin.
5. Mix thoroughly to your satisfaction and all the chemicals are properly mixed, pour contents into clean containers or bottles as desired.

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Safety precautions to follow:
  1. Use plastic containers only, never metallic or aluminium containers, as they tend to react with the chemicals.
  2. Always wear protective clothing like gloves, overalls with long sleeves.
  3. Do not prepare near cooking area or use kitchen equipment to avoid food poisoning
  4. Keep away all items from the reach of children 
  5. Label all items and containers properly, so there wont be any mistake .
  6. Always pour acids into water and never water into acids to prevent an explosive situation.
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