Bead diy 6: Flatron procedure

Flatron bead  procedure
Flatron procedure

Materials needed:
Fishing line , Fl (0.35mm)
Crystal beads, crb (Size 8 or 10)
Seed beads, sb  (size 2) 

Bead Procedure:

  1. Cut a reasonable length of fl that you can handle at a time, string 4 sb on the fl on your left, 1 crb on the fl  on your right hand and cross with 1 sb. Interchange by stringing 4 sb on your left hand, cross with 1crb, continue till you get to your desired length (neck length). Remember to keep interchanging.
  2.  Cut another fl, pass the left hand fl through the 1st crb  of step 1, on your right, string 4sb and cross with 1sb. With the fl in your left hand, string 4sb, pass it through the 3rd crb of step 1. Also, in the fl in your right hand,  string 1crb, 4sb and cross with 1 sb. Now, on the fl in the left hand, string 4 sb,skip the next crb and pass through the next crb, on the right fl, string 1 crb, 4sb and cross with 1 sb. Repeat this step till you get to the very end, that is the same length as the first step.  
  3. Cut another fl, same length as previous ones, pass it through the 1st crb of sep 1, in the fl in your left hand, string 4 sb and cross with 1sb wih the fl on the right hand. On the fl in your left, string 4 sb, skip the first crb and pass through the next one just like in step 2. Continue till you reach you reach the  desired length. 
  4. Cut another fl, pass  the left fl through the 1st crb in step 3, then on  the fl on the right , string 3sb and cross with 1 sb . Continue as explained in steps 1-3, the onlu=y differnce now is that instead of  stringing 4sb as in previous steps, you only string 3sbs.
  5. Repeat step 4. Note you are stringing 3sbs, not 4sbs.
  6. Now you should have five rows. 
  7. Finish off by attaching a clasp, hook to the bead. 
  8. Enjoy your beading and  lets see how it turns out.