Black Friday sales 2016: Tips on how to get the best deals online and offline

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Black Friday is  a day set aside by many companies and stores to sell goods at highly discounted prices, it is preceded by Thanksgiving (the  fourth  Thursday in November), though it has origins in America, but the tradition of holding black Friday sales has continually spread through out  the world,  even here in Nigeria. This years's black Friday is on November 27th 2015. Are you prepared?
To get the best deals, buy your favorite goods and save loads of money during Black Friday sales, follow these useful tips:

1. Have a budget: To keep you from overspending.
2.  Have a end in mind: Always know what you need to buy, in order of priority so you don't deviate even if other items look good, if there is any cash leftover, you can always come back for them later so you wont end  up with undesirables and not having achieved your initial goals. 
3. Shop online: You can shop online on trusted sites like Jumia, Konga, Ali Express, Kaymu, Shopcomdeals or on my site from the comfort of your homes, office or anywhere you are enjoying the day to avoid long queues, traffic congestion, time waste, haggling and shopping stress.  
4. Go cashless: Pay with credit cards like verve, master card, visa or other cashless options such as paga, pay attitude, paypal. Some of the credit card companies give discounts and extra cash for use of the cashless policy , more so you don't have to bother about change or money conversion.
5. Keep a list: Do your research well, have  a list of the best bargain stores,shops online , neighborhood stores offering best prices, the nature and cost of the items you want to buy, guarantees, reviews, stores that offer extras like gifts, discount coupons and free shipping.
6. Start ahead of time: If possible commence shopping at the  midnight of Thanksgiving or as soon as the sales is officially declared open. 

For those who believe in seeing whatever they want to buy, try it on to be sure it is a perfect fit as  in case of fashion items , thereby they   prefer the physical shopping. Here's my advice.

1. Go along with a friend, colleague or sibling to get a second opinion , act as unofficial bag carrier , look out, keep your goods from other shopping predators while you conclude sales or try out items.
2. Dont linger on any item or display for too long, remember the rules in 1 and 5 above, don't be carried away by ads, shows or other sales promotions, they can only act as distractions. 
3. Have your smartphone handy: Apart from taking selfies with celebrities, they are also useful in taking pictures of items you love, research online, have shopping apps installed to compare prices, convert currencies and get best shopping deals.
4. Dress and be prepared for shopping: Wear the right kind of dress and shoes, you are on a mission,outfits that will trip, requires constant attention, not form fitting are a no-no. Personally, I recommend a gown, top and skirt, flat shoes or sandals, they are easy to remove for changing purposes and to move around with. 
5. Avoid hunger: Carry snacks and a bottle of water. Shopping sometimes can be dehydrating, you lose all sense of time, though you may not feel hunger for hours due to excitement of shopping, its best to fortify your body with some nutrition to cope with the task better. 
6. Check out store policies, warranties and insist on receipts  in case of dissatisfaction , goods not meeting up to standards or any other unfortunate circumstance.Most stores don't accept products purchased in good shape to be returned but some can have them replaced or repaired. 

Above all, read the goods description and be sure you know what you are paying for .
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Happy Shopping!!!!