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Nigerian schoolgirl
Amina Jibril
Hi I'm Amina Jibril. I blog at Nigerianschoolgirl . When I created the blog, I intended to write  about education and educational related stuffs. That's where the 'schoolgirl' name came from. And I started blogging because I wanted something that was solely mine that I could be proud of.

Now, read more about me.

Major interests/blogging topics :
Creative writing and short stories. I'm currently working on infusing lifestyle posts.

 Role Models :
The future me. I have a motivation wall where I built up who I want to be in a few years, my goals and how I plan to be her. And that's really who inspires me. Because she's all I want to be.
On blog inspiration, I visit everyday.

 Best advice you were given :
In life - My Dad will always say : Fear is man's greatest enemy. Be courageous. Just do it.
On blogging - Continue. It will get hard but don't stop. Reference to a famous quote I love. . . 'Opportunity dances with those who are already on the dance floor' (Food For Thought).

 Blogging resources or apps you can't do without :
My LG L5, wordpress app, pixabay for stock images and spellcheck ; you can never be too right.

Advice to upcoming blogger and blog readers :
You know, my brother asked me once; if I make money from blogging. In his words...'If Linda Ikeji can make a billion in 5yrs then at least you should be able to make 100thousand in a year' and I was mum.
Blogging isn't necessarily like that. Don't stop coz you haven't started making money and don't start if your only purpose is to make money.
 Secondly, passion is what will keep you going. So choose a niche or topics you love to write about.

 Other interests different from blogging. (What other passion do you have) :
Aviation, Interior Design & Estate Management,  Baking and DIY crafts. I also recently, started writing/moderating on

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 Can you recommend blogging as a full time or part time job?
Depends on your goal. Blogging can be really tasking, so if you see potential(especially  monetary) in what you do. You sure can do it full time.

What's the greatest/lowest moment as a blogger :
Every view/comment/like I get is a great moment for me. I still await the 'greatest', haha.
Lowest must be when I wasn't getting any reaction on the blog and I concluded to myself I'm a bad writer. But I didn't stop, I just told myself 'write for yourself. If they read good. If they don't, fine.'

 For more useful blogging tips recommend some sites :
Wikihow - they have tips for everything in the world. for all ye entrepreneurs.  And of course google. 

Check out Amina's Blog now and tell her what you think.

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