Did you know? 10 great benefits of lipbalms you are yet to find out

Lip balms or salves are war-time substances that are used on lips for medicinal and makeup purposes.  I bet though most people use them but some still haven't exploited their advantages to maximum use. 
Lip balms
Lip balms
Apart from giving lips a succulent, smooth and supple look, there are additional benefits of lip balms outlined here.  Whats more, they can be used by male, female, young or old and in any kind of weather too.  More uses of lip balms include:

1. To add colour to the lips.  Use coloured or tinted lip balms to achieve this.  The colour to be used should suit your mood and occasion. Pink for feeling Sexy,  Colourless for natural look, brown for nude. Matte lip balms is more ideal for men. Makes the supple lips looks natural.
2. Some lipbalms contains anti-aging ingredients like collagen, elastin simulators, antioxidants to give your lips a more youthful look.
3. Increases your chances of having a more kissable lips. Makes  your pout and Sexy smile more attractive. 
4. Prevents infection,chapped lips, dry lips and aids in healing.
5. As a great substitute, lip balms comes in handy as good alternatives for lip gloss, cuticle moisturiser and emergency cream. 
6. Minimizes sun damage to lips as most lio balms contain sun protection (spf).
7. Fresh smell, most lip balms are scented with fruity scents or essential oils like ylang-ylang, strawberry, that make your breath fresh and your mouth smells nice. Almost lickable.
8. Using Exfoliating lip balms, asides from hydrating and conditioning the lips also give you the pink lips you so desire. That's a power packed 3 in 1 benefit.  Moisturiser,Exfoliator and conditioner.
9. Makes lips sticks lasts longer and keep them from cracking.
10. Adds shine, lusciousness and  softness to the lips.

Lip balms comes in little bowls,jars, pots, tubes and small bottles.  The most common brand is the popular chapstick.  Next time you leaving home, dont forget to include the lipbalm in your bag or wallet, this is one makeup product, you should not leave at home.