Having a friend of the opposite sex act as chief attendant. Right or wrong?

There is a latest trend among celebrities who deviate from the usual norm and  chose  their closest friends of the opposite sex   to act as their best to have their chief attendant. Oc Ukeje , Nigerian actor, requested Kemi Lala Akindoju to acts as his Best woman, also Tonto Dikeh, Nigerian controversial actress has already sought permission of her bff, Swanky Jerry her personal stylist to act as her man of honor. Though the trend of asking the opposite sex to act as a chief attendant in one's wedding is not common but it has been in practice for a long time.It shows that one is ready to stick with his mind, dares to be different and will rather have his closest friend to stand by him/her throughout. 
Oc Ukeje and Kemi Lala Akindoju
Oc Ukeje and Kemi Lala Akindoju
Tonto Dikeh and Swanky Jerry

No matter who you choose and give the responsibilities of a chief attendant to, he or she must have the following qualities.
1. Must be a close friend, he/she knows your likes, interests and share same circle of friends.
2. Must be loyal  and act responsibly throughout on your wedding day. To make it easier, you can reduce the number of roles given to him/her so he can concentrate fully of being a chief attendant.
3. Have ability to solve problems, shelve crisis and be a stress reliever. 
4. He/she must not add to your problems, ensure everyone is comfortable, coordinate with the event planner to see you are having the maximum time of your life.
5.  He /she should share the same perspective as you and be ready to take on extra responsibilities, give you necessary advice and always be a shoulder to lean on. 

Maybe the next thing we start seeing is having two or more chief attendants or pets acting as maids of honors... Whenever you decide on, just ensure you enjoy your day.