How to deal with fake people?

fake channel boobs
How does one deal with people that class themselves unnecessarily?
Funny init?
Example  of someone trying to pretend to be interested in Master degree because  he/she feels  his/her aspiring partner would prefer a higher educated person.
Or changing street on their cv to drive or crescent just because  it sounds tush. 
What of those who get fake boobs, buttpads,  wear waist trainers even when they are skinny,  do face lifts,  tummy tucks,  carry fake hair, spend much more on clothes and cosmetics than their savings or income can accommodate.
Follow a fad just because it's trending, join beardgang,  associations, lbgt clubs, even when it goes against their inner conviction. 
True,  everyone is entitled to their beliefs and choices, but they must be a honest reflection of what you believe in and who you are. 
Do I  think such people have a problem?
They do really.  Its called pretence and inferiority complex.
And if you can't stand them, you simply ignore them