Nigerian wedding inspiration: 8 favorite traditional centerpieces

What do you do to make your table setting different yet unique? The centerpiece is the focal point of a table decoration, and as such important consideration must be given to it. You think you have had enough of chandelier glass, huge and tall flower vases, massive flower wreaths, greens and whats nots or you just want to dare to be different by crafting unique centerpieces that gives you the edge over competition overtime . The centerpieces examined below will give you the right inspiration to be creative and come up with ideas that makes your table setting look just customized for the event. Remember when settling for a choice, select and choose the centerpiece idea based  on the event theme, budget and consider customer's appeal.

1. Candies and sweets: These for sweet tooths like me, they make the ideal centerpieces as they are colorful, edible , can be filled into bowls, cups, bottles,boxes or vases , no need for additional accessories or flowers. Get Candies in different varieties (chocolates, jellies,gums, peppermints, toffees) ,colors and shapes will light up a table anytime. 
Candies by andiescandiesng
Candies by andiescandiesng
2.Pots: African pottery is one of the oldest from of pottery and lovely too, when designed in beautiful colors with carvings on them, they are hard to resist as perfect table decorations. Ceramic, iron, clay are some of he materials used in molding these pots.  Using different shades or colors of flower will make the flower arrangement more beautiful. This kind of centerpiece is ideal for traditional decor 
Ikoko irin or local iron pot used as table decoration 
Clay pot/calabashes as flower vases
Clay pot/calabashes as flower vases
African pot  and Ankara fabric flowers
African pot and Ankara fabric flowers
Graded pot sizes add to the overall effect
 3. Ankara lampshade: A lampshade with battery operated lights are also great alternative to flower centerpieces. Ensure the fabric used is light to reflect more light.
 Ankara lampshade

 4. Cardboard boxes/ Paper: The wonders of paper craft and origami. What better way to use old cardboard or colored paper than creating these wonderful pieces from them to Perfect table decorations. The paper can be wrapped around old bottles or vases. The flowers used can be roses,violets, chrysanthemums, white lilies, hibiscus or greens.
 Cardboard boxesPaper centerpiece
 5. Bottles: Beer bottles, soda bottles, water bottles, in different shapes or forms, when washed and cleaned also make great table settings, for more uniqueness, the bottles can be repainted, covered with glitters or designed with ribbons, even names of the wedding couple can be etched on them.
Bottles center piece

Bottles center piece

 6. Wood : For more traditional setting or theme, in keeping with our cultural values, centerpieces made from wood are the height of creativity, check out the bamboo stick,rustic wood centerpiece  and Africa  talking drum centerpieces below. Simply superb!
 bamboo stick
Bamboo center piece by Btg Events
rustic wood centerpiece
African  talking drum centerpiece
Talking drum center piece by DecorbyFurtullah
7. Fruit: Have you ever considered using any fruit as vase, not in the usual form of as a garnish in cocktails?  Check out the use of orange, pumpkin and pineapple as flower vases. Other fruits that can be used included coconut, lemon, grape, pawpaw, watermelon and so many others. The key is in the creativity and seeing beyond the normal eye.

orange centerpiecepumpkin centerpiecepineapple centerpiece

8. Baskets: Woven baskets also make great centerpieces, different shapes and designs can be made either tall or short baskets, moreso the normal classic flowers can be interchange for traditional plants and leaves such as  the  long palm fronds, raffia leaves ,banana leaves , lemon grass e.t.c. You can come with whatever looks good to you. In decoration, there is no mistake, the setting and arrangement must just be done in a way to reflect style and order.

basket centerpiece

basket centerpiece
Whatever idea you decide to go with, always discuss with your client first. So here are my favorites, you can also create more beautiful centerpieces lovelier than these, remember to tag me #typearlslifestyle on Instagram. Enjoy!

More traditional centerpiece ideas, do share . 
Thanks. Hope this post has been helpful, I enjoy writing it..... 

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