Poll: 2015 Best Rent prices for party Decoration materials

Check out the popular items being used for venue decorations and their average prices. Poll taken from different event decorator vendors.
Fancy Traditional wedding decorations 

Decoration items:

  1. Spandex Chair covers (Different colours) : N50/each
  2. Sash/ Tie back (Different colours) : N20-N30 /each
  3. Damask Table covers (round / rectangular, Different colors): N300/each.                             The Table cover is large enough to cover a big round table or two normal rectangular tables. 
  4. A roll of Fabric (Voile, Chiffon) used for drapes, pleats and swags  100 -150 yards : N2500/each
  5. Stencils for backdrop (A set of dividers, oval archs, square, Love, customised stencils): N15,000
  6. Pillars (Plastic, wood, stencil): N1000/each
  7. Set of traditional decorations (Mats, calabashes, cane chair and stool,pre designed raffia) : N10000
  8. Lights (Shower, curtain, mood, stage):  N500-N10000/each
  9. Rug (Stage or aisle): N2500-N4000/each
  10. Walkway Canvas: N2000-N5000/each
  11. Ladder (fold able or straight): N1000-N3000/each
  12. Generating set used for overnight work: N5000 excluding cost of fuel
  13. Transport truck for deliveries: Prices depends on the numbers of days, how many drops and distance covered: Can start from N5000 to N50000

Awesome classic wedding decorations . Lighting effects makes the difference

Center pieces: 
  1. White Napkins: N100 /each
  2. Flowers (Natural. fresh, artificial,greens): N500-N10000/each
  3. Flower vases (Chandelier, glass, metal, plastic):  N200-N1000/each
  4. Platters: N200-N500/each
  5. Glass cups (Wine, champagne, flute, cocktail): N50-N500/each
  6. Table mounts (For naming tables):N200/each
Marquee tents
Marquee tents
Chiavari chairs goes for about N450 per one
Furniture and couples chair price list: 
  1. Rectangular/Round Banquet Table (sits 8-10 people): N700-N800/each
  2. White Plastic Table / Cake Table (round or square): N400-N500/each
  3. Plain Table Cloth (round / rectangular,Different colours): N1000 /each
  4. Table Skirting (single or double):N2000 /each
  5. Rectangular Plastic Table  (sits 6  people):N 450/each
  6. Cocktail Steel Table : N5000
  7. Long Classroom/Conference Table: N1000
  8. Plastic chairs (arm or armless): N50-N100/each 
  9. Banquet Chair (indoor - padded seat & back): N400
  10. Wrought Iron Chair (matching pair):N10000
  11. Sofa Chair (set including small table ):N10000- N25,000
  12. Tents, Marquees and canopies (Different shapes and sizes, square, dome, triangle, bridal): N10000- N500,000.
 Prices depends on size, mobility, flexibiltiy, ventilation system and location

More useful information;
  • Chair and table covers made of popular colors such as  cream, silver ,white and gold are less expensive than seldom used colours of red, black, purple ones.
  • Depending on the number of items you are renting, you may negotiate for discounts. Some vendors give half discounts in certain seasons to encourage other decorators.
  • In billing for a wedding decoration for instance, the cos f the rented decoration items must be taken into consideration so you will not undercharge or underestimate what is required.
  • For rent more than N60,000 ,some vendors offer free delivery .


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Hello am sorry steven, I can only help with locations in Nigeria
Pls where can I rent a stage rug in Agege?