What you are missing as a spinster- 15 Fun Ideas for Single Ladies

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1. Host a moviethon or TV watching sessions: Watch your favorite Nollywood, bollywood or Hollywood films, cartoons, season movies or  comedies while you eat and gist with  friends, siblings or neighbors 

2. Shopping: Some say shopping is the cure to all woman's illness. Either true or not,  a real or window shopping can be aphrodisiac you really need.  You can visit shops physically or surf an online shop. Update yourself on prices of your favorite items, new shop openings in your area.  You can also help others with their shopping.  

3.Throw a themed party: Birthdays, bridal showers, themed parties are  creative ways of getting your ladies together to enjoy themselves. 

4.Take Classes: Bar tending, cooking, fitness (yoga), make up, gele, accessories making, dancing (pole, salsa, rumba) are some of the new skills you  can sign up alone or  together with friends.  You get to network,  exchange ideas with others, acquire a new knowledge and open to more ideas. 

5. Go Out and have fun: Either to the beach, cinema, stadium, fun factory, club parties,entertainment houses, or gate crash an owambe party. A day out with your close ones will help you relax and create new memories. 6. Get your favorite food, Pizza, Popcorn, Ice cream, Chocolate. Take a plunge, eat your heart out, dance, meet new people, you have nothing to  lose and catch up latest gossip online while you surf through your phone. 

7. Attend Events: Comedy shows, weddings, wine-tasting sessions, book signing, motivational talks, seminars. Browse online for interesting events happening in your zone. 

8. Host a lunch party and recipe swap: Invite your girls over to swap recipes and try out something new like baking a red velvet cake or making a smoothie. Ask your friends to bring ingredients along.

9. Travel:  Go on a road trip or fly to another destination. What better way to learn of new places or become exposed to new cultures than a first hand experience. learn, explore and have a wonderful adventure.  Visit new places, cultural carnivals or tourist sites. A road trip either across states or within town is all you need to boost your mental health. Keep a list of new towns, villages you come across.

10. Start writing: keep a journal, diary, collect Scrapbooks.  Write your thoughts and dreams down either on paper, in notepad, on your laptop, in your phone, feel free to share your ideas with others by showing them, broadcast messages, on your blog, site, or social media platforms.  Inspire  and encourage others.  Let them know they are not alone. Are you passionate about music, fashion, politics, sports, Lifestyle, motivational talks, write about it.  You can be the next Chinamanda Alicia or Linda Ikeji. You can record yo urself on videos and be a vlogger like Toke Makinwa's. 

11.Meditate & Pray: At this point, you need to become closer to God, evaluate your spiritual life, cultivate a personal relationship with your creator.  Let him take preeminence.  Pray and thank him for the things he has done and what he will still do.  Commit your ways and cares into his hand.  Speak and proclaim the kind of relationships, businesses, and friendships you will like have and it will surely come to pass.   Fast, read inspirational books, hold vigils, listen to soul lifting music and talks. 

12. Volunteer:  What you have now is plenty of time, that cannot be regained, so put it to effective use, donate your time for volunteering at charitable causes, events and interests you believe in.  You can do it alone or join a reputable NGO like Jci, also get friends and colleagues to join in, teach at your almamater once a week, visit local prison, hospital, motherless babies home or educate the market women in your area, create social awareness  groups or champion a cause of those who need a voice to speak on their behalf.  

13. Have a second life: You can be a career woman during the day and a karaoke star at night, there is nothing stopping.  Explore your limits, look inwards to ring out the innate skills you have.  You can be whatever you want to be,  a comic act, amateur singer, actress, get local gigs or shows to perform in. The sky is just your starting point. 

14. Donate: Giving to others is an altruistic move, you can give to charities, underprivileged, Church members, friends, widows or the less fortunate.  Giving is not limited to money, it can be clothes, books, unused items and possessions. 
15. Be yourself :  Don't ever settle for less. Take care of your body, soul and spirit.  Dont allow negative thoughts or friends weigh you down.  Only settle for relationships that has purpose and can make you happy.  There is only one YOU. You are a special one.  Eat, enjoy, have fun and be merry.  Whatever you seek and make yourself become is what others will see.  Draw others in with  your attitude and character, dont repel them.

-If you have plenty friends, you can invite few on different sessions so no one feels offended or left out. Sometimes you can ask them but I am sure some will pull out at the last minute due to some other engagements but let them know that another time they won’t be invited.
-Notify your friends early and get their confirmations early when planning an event with friends in mind so your  time, efforts, preparations and money won't go to waste. 
-Have someone or you take on the role of an organizer . Her duty is to confirm availability of friends, check schedules and get everyone involved. - For home  Sessions, use  a Sitting room or bedroom if big enough to contain the ladies will do. Just clear out some clutter to create space. No need to rent chairs. Your rug or carpet is more than okay, after all they are your friends, just make sure it is clean.
A Garden, balcony, open space, car port are also good alternatives.

Enjoy your single-hood while you can!