Bloggers connect: Meet Sayedero Enitan of The Fashion Engineer

Sayedero Enitan
Sayedero Enitan
Are you a fashion addict, then you must have come across a foremost Nigerian fashion blog, the fashion Engineer, it made my list of 20 Nigerian fashion blogs to follow in 2015 . Now meet the lady behind the amazing site in my 'Meet a blogger" interview series. 

Background: My name is Sayedero Enytan ,I blog at . I started blogging in university (Covenant) because people would ask me where I got my clothes from, how I did my makeup so I created a platform I could put all that Info on a platform, I do more of fashion and beauty posts on the blog .My Role models include Linda Ikeji and Claire Summers of fashion bomb .

the fashion engineerthe fashion engineer
Best advice for bloggers The best advice would be to be consistent, people will check your blog regularly if they know you're posting regularly.Don't obsess over your numbers (stats,followers,etc). It will grow with time. Even if its one person reading your blog, make sure they gain something . For more useful blogging tips, I will recommend Independent fashion bloggers , it is a very good website.It is a community of fashion bloggers who share fashion and blogging tips.
Recommended Blogging resources or apps The only app I use is wordpress app so I can reply comments on time, I read problogger sometimes, it's very helpful.
Other interests different from blogging Asides from blogging ,I work at a renewable energy company, and we work on providing electricity for people in rural areas - it's really fulfilling
Blogging, full time or part time job? Hmm as a fashion blogger in Nigeria? I will recommend part time - I think gossip/news bloggers can afford to do it full time - but then try it out first, it might just work for you.
Greatest /lowest moment as a blogger Greatest moment is getting approved for adsense, I had been applying for three years but I got approved recently.
Do visit Sayedero's blog today for fashionable pictures, fashion outfits and tips.

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