5 creative ways to revamp wedding decor items

What do you do with old decoration items, do you discard them and buy new ones or you try to restore them? Restoring is a better option especially when you are trying to reduce waste, recycle old items and save cost.   You wouldn't believe how I revamped some of my decoration materials for a Wedding.  The five steps outlined below can be  taken to renew some decoration materials and create a new look.All it takes is inspiration and creativity, moreso the steps are easy and  simple.  
5  creative ways to revamp wedding decor items

First: Sort the items, wood, plastic, metal, plant  and put like items together .Clean the items and remove dust, avoid the use of excess water to clean, use rust remover, kerosene,or alcohol instead.

Second: Get ribbons, glitters, any other material that will aid the renewal process will do and  paint or polish (abro gold spray, emulsion, gloss) to enhance the finished look. 

Third :  Spray paint on the items, but clean off dust, dirt before applying.  Transform old tires into centerpieces, let creativity be your watch word.

Fourth: For broken stencils, If your  wood designs got broken while transporting due to heavy winds, like mine did, no need to despair,brace with  tie rods or pieces of wood  using hammer and nails. 

Fifth : For Single flowers that keep falling out, instead of making them go to waste, gather them up in a bunch and secure with a ribbon or flower tape. 

View pictures below:

Before and after pictures of decoration items

So this was how I revamped  pillars, balls, flowers, calabashes and some other decor accessories for a classy wedding decoration. 
I hope you will find this process helpful.  
Check out full video on my YouTube channel :Typearls 

See some  other creative use of old items

Boots as flower vases
Cane baskests as hampers
Old bottles and calabashes as flower vases
Remodeled tires as table stands


Nice read. Pls add me to the whatsapp group. 07064938629
Nice read. Pls add me to the whatsapp group. 07064938629