5 reasons why women wear sexy Lingerie

Lingerie is the apparel usually worn by women underneath their clothes. It makes a woman feel sexy, beautiful and confident . It is also used in styling attractive dresses as an accompaniment. The reason why popular Lingerie manufacturer Victoria's secret continue to make millions of dollars in profits is because as long as women buy clothes, they must also buy an equal or more  amount  lingerie to complement the outfits. Lingerie includes bras, slips, corsets, nightgowns, pants, buttpadded tights, tights, teddies, breastpadded bras, camisoles,  Nowadays, some women don't mind showing off part of their lingerie, like a bra strap or outline of a slip so others can see the quality or the attractiveness of the slip. Though doing this depends on a woman's preference and in some cultures is not acceptable.   Wearing the right lingerie fuels a woman's sexual power and enhances her body image. Here are other reasons women love wearing Lingerie. 
Lingerie by AndreaIyamah
Lingerie by AndreaIyamah
1 .  As a figure flatterer: Many women believe wearing the right size or a smaller size of lingerie can help shape their body, give them smaller waist. Lingerie is still used to improve what are often seen as flaws in the figure of a woman. Women will wear control type panties if they wish to flatten their stomach and buttocks. Women with small chests will wear push up bras or padded bras to give them more cleavage and allow their clothing to look better on them. In the mirror, a woman will examine herself in lingerie and like what she sees as she will often purchase products that will enhance her figure and hide her flaws.
Unlike those stiff corsets our great, great grandmothers used to wear, modern lingerie is sexy and comfortable, has no health risks and improves our overall looks. Padded and balconette style bras will provide more volume and better shape while seamless, laser cut technology makes sure both big and small busted ladies can enjoy the benefits of having a bra that shapes, lifts and holds in place without creating wrinkles where there should be none. But, let’s not stop there!
2. To feel sexy:Being sexy is a state of mind, remember that girls! You don’t have to have perfect proportions or wear revealing clothes to feel sexy. It’s all in the way you present yourself.  It is normal for a woman to wear sexy undergarments or nightgowns when going to bed to try to evoke passion in her mate. A woman uses lingerie to invoke the sense of sight when arranging for a romantic evening with her partner. She will often wear enticing lingerie that she knows will arouse him.Dressing up sexy for your loved one definitely boosts up the sex appeal. If you do it on Sunday, you can expect to be the subject of his lustful looks and daydreams until Wednesday. The feeling of such fabrics as silks and satin on bare skin is pleasing to most women and men. Good lingerie uses fine  quality fabrics, such as silk,that feels good against the skin and accessorized with ribbons and laces .
Lingerie by Ade Hassan for Nubian skin
Lingerie by Ade Hassan for Nubian skin
3. As a Ego booster: Even women who are single and without a significant other in their lives revel in lingerie. It is not only used to arouse a mate, but also as a confidence builder for any woman. A single lady who wears sexy lingerie will come across as more desirable to the other sex as she feels good and  confident both in her looks and dressing. Happiness comes from the inside, she will not be single long unless she chooses to be. 
Also if a woman wears shirts and casual jeans all day long, every day due to the nature of her job, as long as he wears a sexy lingerie underneath, she feels sensual and doesn't for once forget her femininity. Nobody knows there is a pair of silk panties hiding underneath your gray business suit. Only you can feel them! When you walk, your hips do that sexy twist, when you talk you sound bossy and feminine in the same. You definitely  Feel Great Even during the Most Ordinary Day.
4. To Rekindle Old Flames:  Let’s be honest, every relationship falls in a rut in some period. It’s not even a rut, it’s the state in which you feel completely comfortable with each other and nobody feels the need to impress or attract the other person. Old clothes, no make-up, bad hair, going to ‪‎bed‬ in your favorite old T shirt. Sounds familiar? Its time to wake up ,your significant other won’t know what hit him and, let’s be honest , seeing him lusting like a teenager is a real turn on. Get new sexy lingerie to Keep the Passion Thing Going on, model them if that kind of thing turns your partner on, or better still, go through your wardrobe and come up with those forgotten  lacy lingerie and put them to good use by wearing them instead of allowing them to rut away. Come up new tricks, think creatively and reinvent your sexual self.  
5. To Feel Glamorous:  Silk undies and sleepwear are not only comfortable and skin-friendly but it feels unbelievably smooth and glamorous. So get a silk baby‬ doll and a matching rope and use it, not to seduce you man, but yourself. Imagine the confidence boost resulted in waking up all dressed up in silk like a Hollywood diva! Now, that is priceless and, according to a  popular commercial, for ‪‎everything‬ else, there is.

Lingerie for plus size women
Lingerie for plus size women
The same way wearing perfume, nailpolish, right scents, fashionable outfits, scents and lotions is a ritual to many, is the same way wearing the right lingerie is also part of a woman's daily dressing.  Lingerie can be worn by women of all ages, size, colour or inclination, even men do have their own lingerie. 
So how many sets of Lingerie do you own? Do you have them categorized by color,Quality , specialty or for occasions?

N:B : There was a time I though teddy only means teddy bear, but now I know better.
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