6 ideas of What to do with your wedding gown

The big day has come and gone and you are already thinking of what to do with your lovely beautiful wedding dress.Whether the wedding gown is made of silk, lace,tulle, satin and studded with precious jewels, it cant be worn more than once for the same purpose, of getting married to the love of your life, To help you solve your dilemma, Here are six major ideas of what you can do with a used wedding gown.

A variety of wedding gowns
A variety of wedding gowns
1. Rent it :Not only intending brides needs a wedding gown,  models, photographers, illustrators, painters , costumiers, actresses may need one for a photo shoot , acting gigs or any job that requires the use of a real wedding gown. Depending on their needs, yours may just fit the bill, so put up a picture of your used wedding gown on your facebook, pinterest or instagram page , even use it as a whatsapp profile picture, bbm display picture and advertise it for rent, you might be surprised that from there you can start a profit making wedding gown for rent business.  After each usage, wash , dry clean it and keep in storage till the next customer comes along. 

2.  Donate it: Give your wedding gown, veil and train  to a  charity organisation,worthy cause,  relative, a sibling or a friend who you believe is in need of one but cant afford it. An alternative is to organize a giveaway on your social media handles or wedding sites (weddinginnigera, Nigeriawedding, sugarweddings,sweetheartweddings,typearlslifestyle) , using your own discretion , or just allow the wedding blogs to use their criteria, give the wedding gown to  a lucky winner or whoever deserves it. 

3. Sell it : There are lots of online stores, classified ads and blogs that can help you sell your old wedding gowns , examples include Olx, Sdk blog,Efritin,dealdey, tradestable, you can either send a mail to the site administrator stating your intention, or create an account and upload details and pictures of the items, some ad sites don't even need you to create an account. You can also try selling to   modelling agencies ,bridal stores or second hand clothes businesses around.

4. Repurpose it: A used wedding gown can be recycled for different uses to make something new and entirely different.Parts of it  can be removed  (train, veil,)and turned into a simple gown, dress or skirt  suitable for dinners and other social functions. Alternatively pieces of  it can be altered, resized, cut to fit and used as  handkerchiefs for souvenirs, baby covers, pillows, ornaments, table covers, christening gown, party dress, purse, cocktail dress, mementoes, jewellery and the list goes on. 

5. Keep it : Many still believe in storing and keeping their wedding gowns for future purposes, to be worn by them at their wedding anniversaries or by their daughters or daughters-in-law on their wedding days. Due to fashion trends and changing styles, the latter option may not be advisable because when the time comes for the daughter to wear the wedding vogue,it may no longer be in vogue, outdated or ill fitted . Adjusting or remodeling may remove from the gown's beauty and fitness. A better option is to enjoy it while keeping it, host a bridal themed party and ask friends to wear their bridal gowns to the party and relive memories together.  

6. Thrash it: This is an extreme option, but if you cant bear the thought of   any other person wearing your wedding gown because of the sentiments attached, you can take this route. Before you do, have fun, arrange a photoshoot session and take lots of pictures in different, interesting poses, like taking a walk with your spouse through mud, forest, pool, playing in the sand, or stripping one another and tearing each other''s outfits piece by piece. If the wedding gown holds sad memories for you, like in the case of a divorce or loss of one's partner, forgo the photoshoot and discard it in a manner that will relieve you of those memories. You can put it in a bin,bury it ,burn it or shred it and blow the pieces to the wind. 
 beautiful wedding gown
Another beautiful wedding gown
Kim Kardashians wedding gown
Kim Kardashian's wedding gown
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