Bead Diy 10 : Tubic design

Bead tubic design
Bead tubic design

STEP1: String 3sb and 1cb six times (number of times is optional it can even be four times, from experience it is better to use even number rather odd s) and pass your needle through the first 3sb and come out through the first CB to form a circle.
STEP2: String 3sb, 1CB and 3sb then skip 1CB and insert your needle into the  next CB bead after it.
STEP3: After completing each round, to STEP-UP, you insert your needle through the 3sb after the CB you just exited and come out through the Cb next to the 3sb then continue with STEPS 2-3 till you get to your  desired length.

Steps and picture courtesy Oge.