Hausa wedding guest outfit inspiration- Yellow Jumpsuit

This is an outfit I wore to a friend's wedding in Abuja, in the spirit of an #hausaweddingguest 
I had henna designs on my hand. Here's the cast and items of the fashion get up.

Dress: Yellow jumpsuit ,black sequinned monkey jacket as extra accessory
Bag : A Guess  blue bag courtesy of Ivy ekong
Shoes : Ivory colored wedges
Accessories: Dropping earrings,tiny silver belt
Hair : Human hair, styled by me in a weave pattern and secured with hair pins. 
Makeup :  minimum to achieve a natural look but couldn't resist a dash of purplelipstick. 
Hand: Henna design done in Wuse market. 

Yellow jumpsuit
Henna (lali) designed hands
What's left out?  Hope I did well