Alert! How MTN is ripping off customers

Alert! How MTN is ripping off customers
MTN, we love you, but your tariffs and call rates are impossible!

Most Nigerian customers are unsatisfied with MTN service, forget the adverts about the amazing tariff and data plans.Many Nigerians have an MTN number probably because it is one of the earliest networks,not so really because the service is great.

The NCC's tax fine is putting holes in our pockets , we know because indirectly we are paying for it.
 Needless to say, Nigeria is one of the countries that has highest call rates, mobile users pay more to make calls , subscribe for data than in other parts of the world. (Uk, Usa and Canada enjoy call rates of N0.05-N0.40 per second)

How does one explain N137 for a call that lasted only  150s , it is like paying N1/ second. Ridiculous!