7 Entrepreneurial tips for a sucessful business brand- Bola Balogun

Typearls is becoming a bigger brand, watch out

Are you?

Are you succeeding in your business? What are your set goals this year? how many are you achieved? Creativity or profit, which is moist important? Are you a struggling entrepreneur or your business has lost focus?.

Read these wise words from someone who has been there before you. Bola Balogun.

" I started working in the creative industry in Nigeria over 10 years ago in my twenties. Over the years I have worked step by step in growing my businesses and understanding there's no such thing as a 'overnight success'. I'm a bit worried about some of the younger creatives not understanding the process of building a Business organically and still focusing on net profit or bottom line".

These are my 7 realistic tips to young creative entrepreneurs:

1. You have to Work Work Work..... You have to get really good at something before 'big things' start to happen.

2. Focus on your craft, and never seek attention of any press....Master your craft to the point where people can't help but notice.

3. Train your skills like an athlete..... Read everything about your industry, take courses and mentor under an accomplished creative

4. Be truthful to yourself and ask for brutally honest opinion...Are you running a Business or a hobby? and ask other people there perception of your Business.

5. Money is not always the purpose.... But you know you are getting better at something if more money is being offered to you

6. Your clientele says it all...When your skills become valuable enough, finding and keeping clients will never be a problem again.
I hope these tips can help in the process of building your Businesses and brands. And yes I personally always take time out to assist young creatives in their businesses.

7. Focus heavily on your emotional intelligence.

Read and act on her advice now. Ff her on IG:Bolabalogun for more entrepreneurial tips.

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