Diy! How to make a zipper box bag using fabric

Fabric Zipper box bag, can be used a bible case
Steps involved in making a box bag
Materials needed as seen in Figure 1:
Kari board/ Cardboard
Chip board or a lighter card paper
Fabric glue (uhu)
Candle gun and candle wax
Zip in colour of fabric
Ruler, tape rule, scissors, razor blade

1. Determine the size of book box bag you want and measure, I made a 20"  x 12" box bag.
2. Using your measuring tools, measure on kari board and chip board,and cut out. Rule out 2" in the center, that will form the spine of the box bag.
3. Measure the fabric ,but leave an  allowance of 2" on all sides to enable cover the side of the card paper.

bag diy procedurebag diy procedure
Watch the remaining procedure :