10 health Benefits of Mangoes and make a mango tapioca smoothie

Mangoes are in season now. Yellow Mangoes, green Mangoes, The very succulent Isheri Mangoes and the also sweet but not as succulent Ogbomosho Mangoes abound everywhere now.  From food stores, markets, street hawkers to trees in The backyard, there is a ccolorfuldisplay of Mangoes that one can hardly resist. 
Slices of Ogbomoso mangoes
Slices of Ogbomoso mangoes
Do you know Mangoes serve a lot of purposes asides as a form of nourishment. Well, Eating Mangoes seems to be what Everyone is doing now, but many still dont know The great health benefits inherwnt in eating Mangoes. They are listed below :

1.  Great for normalising insulin levels
2. Improves eyesight
3. Cleanses blood and get rid of body toxins
4. Heat smoke remedy
did you know mangoes are over 4000 years old
5.  Soothes thirst and improve  appetites. 
6. Ideal for skin rejuvemation 
7. Prevents cancer
8. Reduce acidity  and boosts  immune system. 
9.Lowers cholesterol and aid digestion
10. Clears skin of blemishes and Act as anti aging. 

How to make Tapioca and mango smoothie
2 cups tapioca
2 ripe mangoes
Sugar to taste
Milk as desired
Ice cubes

1. Rinse tapioca
2.Soak tapioca in water overnight
3. Pour soaking water away . Add sufficient water to cover tapioca in a bowl
4. Boil some water in a pot and pour tapioca in it. Let it cook for about 10 minutes , stirring continuously. Remove from heat .
5. Wash and peel mangoes. Scrape the flesh  in to a bowl.
6. Blend cooled tapioca together with mango. Add sugar  and milk.
7. Pour into glasses,  add ice cubes and straws.

mango smoothie
Pieces of fruits can be added for garnish