Travel:10 reasons you should consider a destination wedding

Destination weddings are becoming the best alternative choice if you desire a unique, classy nad unforgettable weddings,most couples are considering destination weddings as preferred choice, you get to have the wedding of your dream with less stress,at a reduced cost and save half considering the increasing expenses associated with having a BellaNaija standard wedding in Nigeria.

 destination wedding
Romantic Setting like this are why destination weddings makes sense

Some Nigerian celebrities who had their weddings in destination locations are ; Tuface and Annie Idibia, Stephanie Okereke and Linus Idahosa, Tiwa Savage and Teebillz. I also love Nigerians like Berry Dakara who chose to have a simple but lovely beach/garden weddings.

Here are top 10 reasons you should consider a destination wedding.

1. To reduce the number of wedding crashers:

Destination weddings is a great way to reduce your guest list,If you really want only your closest family and friends , the ones that really matter, just Half the number of guests . If you are scared of crowds or would not want so much side attractions, they shift focus from the couple to other goings on, go for a destination wedding. Nothing beats a simple wedding with just friends and family, maximum 50 guests, Uninvited guests wont come for a destination wedding, so there is no fear of getting on someone's bad side. how can one even attend if the transportation cost is more than the souvenirs and food , the mogbo moya types want to cart away?

2. To save cost and time:
Having a destination wedding can help save costs except you are the one paying for the transport fares, flight tickets and hotel fees for guests, all that is required is for a guest to show up,no need to put yourself in a tight corner. Anyway no guest will request to mange your bed space,sleep on your couch, borrow your car, or give him three square meals. Your responsibilities is only limited to the wedding venue, after which every man is on his own. Depending on your power of negotiation, you can actually get huge discounts for accommodation, feeding and transportation for you and your guests, everyone will be happy and consider your wedding as a well deserved vacation .
Less time is also needed to plan a destination wedding, once you decide on a venue and a budget,  the rest will take of itself, another added advantage is that you can change plans, change venues, at the last minute and still get away with it, once all the guests are notified within  days. Since the size of guests are small, decor is minimal, vendors are reduced, wedding planning is easier .

4. Beautiful photo backgrounds:

Everywhere you look, there's a Canon or Samsung S7 Moment waiting to happen.With picture-perfect views all around, and almost everyone camera-ready with their smart phones you won't have to wait for your wedding photographer to capture the spirit of your event. Very useful in case your wedding photographer turns out to disappoint you or take months to deliver the finished photos, at least you have backups and with natural aesthetic backgrounds. Really no need to edit or Photoshop exotic backgrounds when a destination wedding is involved, the background is already lovely as it is.

5. Dressing is more inspired :

This is why the groom will fall in love with the idea of a destination wedding, no need to do coordinated outfits or stress yourself out with aso ebi issues. Casual, formal, laid back, you and your guest can choose a unique style of dressing that is not rigid or tending to conform with the norm, after all the reason for the wedding is to celebrate your happiness.You and your guests will love that!

Dress as you want,you can wear the traditional bridal gown complete with a veil or a sarong or shirts and bump shots. Just go with the flow , be as lavish , comfortable and free as desired. Do you know Shoes are optional too, barefoot, rhine stone studded flip flops, heels, leather tongs, it is your choice.

6. To resolve arguments:

Well, if the bride, groom or their families are at logger heads on where to hold the wedding, "my" church or your church, this hall or that school ground, having a destination wedding is your best deal her, it is a neutral ground that will bring both parties together and make them reach a mutual agreement. Most people relax and are less prone to start a fight when they are npot on their own turf, where you consider another man's land, you will definitely take a chill pill and be patient till you are back home, by then the differences might have been resolved, the wedding a success, fights forgotten and everyone is happy.

7. To achieve multiple purposes with a single event:

If you love multitasking, a destination wedding is ideal for you, you can fill the wedding weekend with so much fun, play and enjoy every moment. Get a sun tan, have a honeymoon, take a vacation, explore tourist sites , visit local restaurants, meet new friends, learn a new language even if it is just the greeting words,by the time the wedding is over, you are glowing naturally, feeling refreshed, have added to your knowledge and expanded your world of possibilities.

8. More creative ideas:
Destination weddings encourages a couple, especially the bride to be creative, design her own wedding themes, use more of diys creations for her wedding, choose her own personal styles and allow their personalities to seep through the wedding style. If you are fun loving, not afraid to take risks, the idea of  having your wedding in a garden, on the streets, during a carnival will not be far fetched , if you love romantic , idyllic scenes, you can opt for a sunset beach wedding . Also instead of the common fabric decoartions, you may decide to have a dominant garland, ballon or flower decor , in fact some couplkes may deicde to have a picnic during their wedding, all guests sit on mats instead of tables. It is your wedding, be inspired!

9. Location is no longer a problem:

You can now say your wedding vows , "I do" anywhere you want. Do you know you dont need to go to Dubai, Hawaii, Panama Islands to have exotic locations, Lagos beaches in Epe, Lekki, Obudu cattle ranch,resorts, parks and luxurious gardens around Nigeria will also serve and costs less. You also get to share your favorite place and a locale that is special to you with your loved ones, it can be a former campus ground, the place you and your partner met,  The world is at your feet, begin to explore and see the possibilities.

10. Less hassles:
No pressure from friends or family members to do your wedding their way, every one recognizes that by having a destination wedding, it is your choice and you want to have control over the how, where and manner of your wedding. The advice, solicited and unsolicited, proffered will be towards achieving your wedding goals.
A typical Saturday Nigerian wedding lasts five hours , yet many feel the need to want to pack so much into it, some couples have their engagement, court and church wedding same day and still manage to hold a reception afterwards,however , the day may not go as planned, program schedules go askew, Alaga (Engagement's anchor) does overtime, Minister's message too long, traffic holdup delaying various vendors. The reception period is also spent moving from one table to another exchanging greetings, accepting gifts, dancing for few minutes, Mc is hassling Dj to stop music, families are hurrying caterers to serve food, the couple's entrance go unnoticed, no one stands up, claps or dance at the appropriate moment, once the guests have eaten, they are in a hurry to leave to beat traffic. Hall manger is threatening to switch off power supply. It is just another wedding in series of Nigerian weddings. 
Having a destination wedding will change that, all the invited guests  would have made up their minds to share every special moment with you, it can span three days or more, but they will be there with you, whoever will attend is committed to spend the time, effort to be there for you  which means you have finally gotten your dearest  and nearest ones together to kickback, relax and  celebrate your special day with you. Instead of few rushed hours that passes in a blur, you get more days to connect and hangout with your family and friends.

10. To stand out from the pack:

You have chosen to take the lead and be innovative, yours is not the normal wedding, it is not follow the norm wedding or a "Ka ri mi" (see me finish) wedding, you are not competing with anyone but your own standard.  No pressure or a race for survival to fit in.There are so much weddings that go on nowadays, people have lost count on whose decor is the finest, cake the biggest, aso ebi is the most expensive, guest is the largest and so on. By having a out of town wedding in a distant location, your wedding does not look similar with others just because you used the same venue, same decorator or chose same colors.  Your wedding will be the one they'll be talking about for years to come.

Wedding guests will long remember your event—it will be hard for anyone else to top it.

Dare to be different. Already considering to have a destination wedding, you can plan the details yourself with less fuss or engage the services of a professional event planner who can help you plan your dream wedding on a moderate budget, give you location ideas and help in negotiating for discount deals. Still not sure, because you dont want anyone to feel offended or miffed , the close cousins and office workers, throw a post wedding party or better still, have your engagement party nearby and invite them, if they cant still make it due to work commitments or some other  reason, then am sure no one will hold it against you.
No matter the amount of money spent in procuring clothes, venues, accessories, food, tickets, drinks, pleasing guests, makeup, extravagant or minimal, over the budget or within the budget, what matters most is life after wedding and staying married.

Have fun planning your wedding!  Connect, celebrate and enjoy more! Hurray!

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