20 lessons Life has taught me- Birthday list

If  my life was a cocktail, it would be a straight vodka: Not mixed, shaken or stirred on reaching every milestone. What you see is what you get. Some say the glass is half empty, others say the glass is half full, But am glad I can still drink what is in the glass.

The holy bible made us understand that it is wise to number our days, count times so as to gain a heart of wisdom. Am learning to do lists and follow them, will advice you to try to keep one too, it helps to analyse your life and see if you are still headed in the right direction. In my years of sojourn on earth, I have discovered some life's truths and would like to share it with you.

1. Family is everything, but not everyone related to you is family.
2. Getting something is good but earning something is better.

3. Happiness comes from within, joy comers from what you surround yourself with.
4. Not all relationships are meant to last forever. The only that matters most is the one with God.
5. Truly clothes make the man, always dress according to the impression you want to create.
6. No one can know  you better than yourself, analyse your weaknesses and strengths to gain a better insight.
7. You are to blame for where you are now, no one else. Take credit for the good, the bad and the ugly, just  try to prevent more of the bad happening.
8. You can not make everyone happy. Just be yourself, or die trying to please all.
9. Know your worth, be selective of who you share your body and heart with especially the former.
10. Meet issues straight on, denying their existence will only prolong the pain and wont make it go away. 
11. Invest in yourself, that is the best gift you can give yourself.
12. There is only one life, live it like there is no second chance, truly there is no room for editing.
13. Being pleasant opens doors faster and easier. Learn to say "Thank you" ,"Good day", "I am sorry",  "Hello", they are not a mouthful, but simple words that eases your way through life.
14. To achieve fulfillment, First, determine your purpose in life, then set out goals to achieve it, finally take action.
15. Your body is a valuable asset, take care of it, eat good food, exercise and avoid stress.
16. Human nature is fickle, those who you love most may disappoint you and hurt you more.
17. You are not invincible, you are a human being, there is only so much the body can take. 
18. In life, there is pain and joy, sorrow and happiness, laughter and tears, blessings and failures, the two extremes co exist to make one understand and appreciate the other.
19. To find what a man is made of, look beyond  the superficial, the face, the dressing, the circumstance, the words, the charm into the inner man. While others can fade or change, a man's nature remains the same. 
20.Know your limits, you are not the center of the universe, everything does not revolve around you. Before you, there was, and long after you are gone, there will be. 

Birthdays comes once in a year, but I celebrate myself always. This is me, sometimes I have fought, had doubts, questioned some of the moves I make, challenged myself to new heights, met new friends, inspired others, still learning, But all I am, all I have become was and still given to me by God. #proudtobeataurius #superwoman. To all the special people born in the month of April, Cheers!

See more of me in the pics below:
My tom boy pose

christina adegbaju

christina adegbaju
My Dab style: Hope I did it right?

christina adegbaju
Agbada attire complete with cap