3 possible solutions if no sound comes out from a Youtube video

What better way to aid the flow of work but some great music right! So here I was trying to play some  YouTube songs as am working , my favorite right now is Ed Sheeran's Thinking out loud. Imagine my surprise when no sound accompanied the video, the video is playing quite alright, but sound is zilch. What's a video without video?

So here is how I eventually resolved the simple glitch.

1. First, I checked to make sure the inbuilt sound cards and sound devices are properly working, to do that just trouble shoot audio device, click the start button, type in audio devices, click on the option circled in the picture below and follow subsequent instructions. Alternatively, go to control panel, click on sound under hardware and sound, confirm the audio speakers are working effectively. If not, plug in external audio devices like an ear piece or headsets, they will also perform the same function as the inbuilt sound systems.Try to play video from Windows media player , real player to ensure sound on the device is good, then try to play video from other video sites asides you tube like vimeo, so you know it is not a browser incompatibility issue.
Youtube video without sound2

2. Secondly, if 1 above is working, yet no sound, make sure the volumes are not muted or turned off, increase the volumes on the device and on you tube. 
Youtube video without sound

3. Third and final option , open another YouTube window ,you can close the present one  or leave it be, now  play the desired video, so this was final step I took and surprisingly, my video started playing perfectly, sound and all. Ironically, when I switched back to the former window,YouTube video was playing without no sound. Cant still explain why it acted out that way.

So there you go, am sure after step 3, your videos should play well with sound, if not, switch browsers ,Google chrome to Mozilla Firefox or contact Microsoft assistance or take the device to a certified technician for further troubleshooting.