5 unique "CARactereistics" of 1989 Mercedes Benz SL560

1989 Mercedes Benz SL560  model
1989 Mercedes Benz SL560  model

1. Mercedes Benz is a German car built for luxury, speed and performance. SL stands for ‘Sports Light'

2. The youngest model will be about 25 years old. Its various builds spans over 60 years.

3. The suffix, 89, is the year in which its features were upgraded.

4. This is a sporty,  lightweight car but with sturdy mechanics.

5. Here are the specifications:

Number built: 237,287 (R107 SL total)
Body: Two-door steel unitary body roadster
Engine: 5.6-litre OHC v8 engine
Power: 182kW at 5200rpm
Torque: 400Nm at 3500rpm
Transmission: Four-speed automatic
Suspension: Double wishbones, coil springs, stabilising bar (f); diagonal swing axle, coil springs, stabilising bar (r)
Brakes: Four-wheel discs with ABS
Wheels: 15x7-inch
Price range: $45-60K
Weight: 1660kg
0-100km/h: Around 7 seconds
Top speed: 240km/h
1989 Mercedes Benz SL560  model
And my friend, Tope "Genesis Paparazzi" takes a ride in one .
Due to the limited availability of this car, any proud owner of one is someone to be envied now, many car enthusiasts pay heavily to add one of the 1989 Mercedes Benz SL560 to their car collection as it is considered to be a good investment , can be sold at a latter date to make more profits or just kept and displayed for public viewing. Still awaiting Innoson's version to this unique car.