5 ways to Turn the Fuel scarcity and power shortage into your advantage

1It is no longer news that the fuel scarcity has been around for a while now and it doe not seem to be going a way anytime soon, not that one is being pessimistic, but that is the way it looks.What is news is the power shortage that occurs simultaneously with any petrol scarcity, I thought by now  the power company should have had a better alternative of power source, aftearall Kainji dam runs on water.
fuel scaricity

My advice: Turn the fuel scarcity situation into a full blown advantage. Here what is what to do.

1. Lose some weight: Those little trips around the neighborhood, to the store, supermarket tah usually seem so far that you must drive there , trust me with your footswagen or leggedesbenz, the same trips can still be made,walk, fast walk or simply jog to wherever it is you are going instead of driving,you will be amazed how short the distance seems to be and in the process burn some fat and shed some kg.

2. Build new relationships: It is easier to start a conversation by just going off on how tedious it is to get fuel, everyone understands, start the conversation and someone else will likely take it from there because almost everyone has an experience to share, the suffering is mutual, except one is a marketer's relation and am sure not all marketers have access to fuel when they need it. Initiating a conversation about fuel is a good ice breaker, so either improve on the relationships between you and colleagues in office, family members at home, fans and friends on online media and build new ones at the filling stations while on fuel queues.

3. Focus more and analyse your goals: The fuel scarcity has curtailed many people's movement and drastically reduce social outings, during the ample free time, reanalyzed your priorities, it is the first quarter of the year, are you near where where you want to be, relax more, worry less, have time out with those that matter to you even in the comfort of your homes.

4. Invent: Necessity is the mother of invention". Now is the time to see how creative you can be , have you been utterly dependent on power to cook, sleep, live a normal daily life, do household chores, start thinking of best alternatives, research on alternative power supply like coal, wind, water , see which forms for you, if you are a scientist or creative thinker,be innovative, any invention that will give oil and gas a competition will be appreciated. I have heard of water powered car, wind -powered pumping machines, solar powered stoves,but the alternative fuels seem not to last, even the power banks need electric power to be recharged.

5. Add spice into your life: Husbands and wives, this is the best time to explore more possibilities between each other, more time for closeness and intimacy, parents and children will improve on their relationships,no need to shout on children to read, sleep on time or so, there is no light for T.v or computers.  The "no time" excuse will be pointless now , whether we like it or not , the combination of fuel scarcity and power shortage has given us more free time than we ever need, except the new excuse can be "I want to go queue for fuel".